Three Benefits of Herbal Medicine and Treatment

More and more people in America are switching to herbal medicine for the treatment of various body diseases. Many residents of Houston are choosing herbal medicine in Houston for the treatment of a range of body diseases.

So what is so special about herbal medicine and what are the benefits of herbal medicine and treatment? Today we will find answers to these questions. Before we look into the benefits of herbal medicine, first look at the basics of how traditional herbal medicine works.  

Herbal medicine is made from the plants and used to treat illness. Traditional Chinese herbal medicine is the most popular herbal medicine used in the United States. Chinese herbal medicine is a part of a larger wellness and healing system called Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Chinese herbal medicine is based on the principle of achieving balance and harmony between the two complementary forces of life energy Qi (pronounced as “Chi”). These herbs are prescribed to normalize the imbalance of complementary life forces, Yin and Yang, which results in a healthy body.

Herbal medicine can treat a vast range of diseases and offer many benefits. Here are the three key benefits of herbal medicine and treatment.        

1. No harmful side effects

The main benefit of herbal medicine is that it has no harmful side effects as pharmaceutical drugs. Modern Western medicine has adverse effects on health. When consumed for a long duration, it can cause serious side effects and permanently damage the organs of the body. It is the primary reason why people do not use Western medicine.

On the other hand, herbal medicine is made from the plants and includes ingredients that are naturally produced in the body. Herbal medicine utilizes the body natural healing power to cure the disease. However, in some cases, herbs can cause side effects if a patient is allergic to a particular herb. Herbal medicine can act in the body as powerful as Western medicine. Therefore, it is necessary to start herbal medication after consultation from a qualified practitioner.   

2. Effective with chronic conditions

When it comes to chronic conditions, nothing can be better than herbal medicine. Herbal medicine focuses on treating the root cause of disease rather than just fixing the symptoms. Pharmaceutical drugs only treat the symptoms but do not treat disease. Also, if you take pharmaceutical drugs for a long time, it has severe side effects on the body. That’s why herbal medicine in Houston is a better and more effective choice for long-standing health problems which do not respond well to traditional medicine.

Herbal medicine can treat a vast range of diseases including chronic knee pain, back pain and neck pain, pain due to arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, female fertility, headaches, migraines, and cancers. If you are looking for relief from chronic disease, herbal medicine can yield you better results than traditional medicine.    

3. Affordable than conventional medicine   

Certainly, herbal medicine is more affordable than conventional medicine. Like modern medical science, pharmaceutical drugs are also very expensive. Research, testing, and marketing add considerably to the final cost of the medicine. Pharmaceuticals drugs for cancer treatments can cost you a hundred thousands of dollars. It is simply not possible for a common man to afford such expensive pharmaceutical drugs.

On the other hand, herbal medicine is quite cheaper than conventional medicine. Research has suggested that herbal medicine is more cost effective treatment than modern medicine. Herbs cost less than the prescription drugs, and more importantly, widespread availability of herbal medicine makes it a more preferable choice than Western medicine.       

So these are the three key benefits of herbal medicine and treatment that make herbal medicine quite popular in America.

The Bottom Line   Herbal medicine has been used as mainstream medicine for centuries in the Eastern world to treat a vast range of body diseases. More importantly, herbal medicine has less adverse side effects than Western medicine. But still one should start herbal medicine treatment after consulting with a qualified practitioner in herbal medicine in Houston to avail maximum benefits and avoid any side effects.

Skin Care Treatment – For A Smiling, Radiant Skin

Apart from having balanced diet, green vegetables, and fresh fruits, keeping you hydrated with plenty of drinking water, having hot bath and maintaining healthy habits, with a view to restore your skin against aging and outdoor exposures, it is vital for you to opt for expert skin care in Sarasota with expert estheticians, skin specialists, and therapists.

The Skin’s Role to Your Health, Appearance, and Success   


No wonder, your skin is grossly affected by extreme environmental conditions, growing pollutions, and dust apart from your life style, physical and mental conditions. Unhealthy skin makes you look dry, pale, and unlikable hampering your personality, self-esteem, and confidence level. Living in this intensely competitive world, how can you simply bypass the essentiality to uphold your appearance, status, and individuality to the outer world? You know well, that first appearance is always counted.

With a specialized skin care in Sarasota, you can effectively address all your skin concerns, including acne scars, fine ageing lines typically occur below the eyes on the forehead, beside the nose, sun blotches and recoup skin that looks vibrant, smiling, and glowing. The skin care medical spas are expert to offer you needed skin elasticity by tightening your facial skin, add volume in sunken facade outline, looking more hydrated and radiant with innovate skin care procedures.


Need of proper skin care is just not all about looking attractive; however, it is significant for your physical health too. Keep in mind, your skin is affected by not only sun’s UVR, airborne pollutants, heat and dust, but equally, your lifestyle, food habit, occupational stress, family life issues impacts on its liveliness and sparkle to a great extent. Specialists in skin care in Sarasota offers you great tips, advises and guidelines apart from treating your facial skin with chemical peels, BOTOX injections, or microneedling procedures.

Aside from exterior exposure, improper skin care can lead to skin rashes wrinkles or acne, some of the very common problems especially in women. If you are undergoing a pregnancy, keep in mind, a pregnancy stage is likely to offer you with frustrating stretch marks, skin allergies and other complications. In order to provide proper nourishment to your skin health, both during pregnancy and after becoming a mother, you need specialist skin care in Sarasota services to keep your skin healthy and refreshing.

The Great Procedures to Gain a Desired Smiling Skin with Skin Care

BOTOX injections

In the midst of world’s top demanding and well researched Injectables, BOTOX Dysport, and Xeomin have received global recognition as a consist solution to deal with any sort of crooked wrinkles, furrows, folds, fine lines that impacts on your personality, appearance and self-esteem enormously. The products are FDA approved, safe and involves no surgery while applying to your skin layer. In order to have a smooth, striking, and youthful skin tone, consider having a BOTOX from expert skin care in Sarasota.


Microneedling is another great therapeutic approach for your skin rejuvenation. The safe, minimally invasive, and highly effective procedure is employed globally to eliminate damages caused by acne scar, burn scar, post surgery, stretch marks alopecia apart from in skin upgrading. Microneedling helps stimulate dead skin protein cells and generate new cells equally. As the skin gets its most essential protein element collagen, with microneedling skin care in Sarasota can help you get-rid-of sunspots, scars, stretch marks and concurrently boost your skin condition making it smiling once again.


Microdermabrasion is a pioneering skin nourishment procedure that works amazing to eradicate dead skin cells as well as activate collagen, the most crucial skin contain. Once completed and collagen start working, your skin appear vibrant, shiny and lively with immediate result.

What is Physical Therapy and What Does a Physical Therapist Do?

When people across the world has been increasingly inclined to alternative medicinal ways to get rid of varieties of physical and mental disorders, the holistic approach of physical therapy with no or minimal use of medication or essentiality of surgery has received recognition worldwide. People in search of a physical therapist near me can be benefited in numerous ways.

Benefits of Physical Therapy

 Comprehensive pain management solutions with no/negligible use of medication;

 Enhanced mobility with normal activity life without surgical procedure;

 Recovery from physical disabilities caused by stroke, physical wound like sports injury;

 Prevention from possible falling and trauma with improved movement and physical posture

 Educating you to use supporting devices like can, walker or artificial limb

 Relieve patients from all kinds of chronic pains like arthritis or joint pain

 Physical disorders related to aging

Why Should You Search for a ‘Physical Therapist Near Me’

Operational with requisite medical degree, clinical background, and license, a physical therapist near me, use an array of holistic approach based methodologies including massage therapy, electrotherapy, low intensity exercise therapies, or mechanical force, to help you manage pain, restore movement, and recoup normal life.

What does a Physical Therapist do?

• Examine

Typically, in the foremost session, a physical therapist recognizes your physical disabilities and issues through questioning and assessment of earlier medical reports. With deep knowledge in the area, they often look beyond the paining area in order to find its actual source or root cause.

• Diagnose

For an effective diagnose which is the key to bring positive result, aside from physical examinations, medical findings and other feedbacks, PTs may undergo numerous lab tests like X-rays, MRI findings or CT scan etc. To understand your mobility disorder, they often watch how you stand, bend, walk, grasp, or move.

• Treat

Accordingly, they create a unique rehab program in conjunction with you, which may include a series treatment method with an objective to successfully address the issue and regain mobility. Rehabilitation procedures typically differ among patients based on their individual physical disabilities. During this process, a physical therapist near me can undergo the following rehab procedures.

 Therapeutic exercises

 Heat or cold therapy, massage to ease muscle spasms, warm water therapy

 Ultrasound, TENS or electrical approach based stimulation

 Spinal traction

 Joint mobilization or specialized kneading

 Light or laser therapy

 Posture and balancing therapy

• Evaluate/Prevent/ Advice

In continuation of the treatment course, physical therapists evaluate his/her patient’s progress, and consequently, modify treatment plan with addition of advanced measures to attain the ideal outcome. They teach patients the ways, do’s and don’ts to live without having pain thru restorative movement practices, healthy life pattern and dietetic plan. Those who need support tools like walker, cane, or employ artificial limb, are taught the easy ways to adapt them in their daily living.

The rehab plan varies widely in accordance with the patient’s individual need and problem. In physical therapy, there is no one-size-fits-all type of healing methods and naturally, it needs a ‘physical therapist near me’- to adopt individualized rehabilitation plan to help patients overcome their painful life and get back much wanted mobility.

Major Areas Supported by Physical Therapist Near Me


The area is focused to treat people who have had injuries due to slip and fall, accidents, sports injury or any form of musculoskeletal disorder.

 Arthritis

 Postoperative joint pain/ disorders

 Sports injuries

 Musculoskeletal Injuries

 All ailments, disorders and conditions concerning bones, tissues, ligaments, muscles


Millions of elderly patients who suffer from age-related ailments, disabilities, and disorders can talk to your physical therapist near me to get solutions for

 Joint Pain

 Replacement of Joints

 Osteoarthritis / Osteoporosis

 Spinal cord disorder

 Balance Issues/ Movement issue/ Prevent fall


A ‘physical therapist near me’ can offer you treatment solutions about all sorts of neurological disorders and movement impairments

 Post stroke paralysis/ mobility loss

 Spinal cord disorders/ injuries

 Disabilities caused by Parkinson’s

 Posture and balancing problem

 Mobility

Drinking the Best Tequilas Could Help You Lose Weight, Says a Recent Study

One of the most common woes of a night of drinking is the excessive amount of calories that a person consumes within the space of a few drinks. Weight management and drinking are never two activities that ever go hand-in-hand. The caloric count in most alcoholic beverages is astounding.  It only takes a few cocktails or drinks to far exceed what is considered a healthy standard for daily intake. Combine this with artificial sweeteners, dyes, and other chemicals, and a night at a party or function can be disastrous on your body, mind, and weight loss program—unless you are drinking the best tequilas.

For those wishing to lose weight without sacrifice, there is good news.  Studies have shown that drinking the best tequilas can actually help with weight loss. While it sounds too good to be true, this is one theory that actually holds some amazing scientific backing.

The truth about tequila

The best tequilas are made from the agave plant. The agave plant produces a type of sugar called agavins. This non-digestible sugar is very different from (and should not be confused with) agave syrup.  Agavins cannot be digested. They also hold the same attributes as ingesting additional fiber.  Fiber is known to aid in your digestive processes, increasing their function. Proper digestion is key to a successful and long-term weight loss program. In addition to this, since agavins cannot be absorbed, they do not raise your blood glucose levels. In fact they do the opposite; they have been shown to reduce your blood glucose levels. Reduced glucose levels aid in weight loss in people suffering from obesity. Agavins have been proven to increase insulin levels once consumed.  This important finding is being used in diabetic research for aiding those who are medically insulin dependent.

Agavins have also been proven to induce the hormone called GLP-1. This hormone keeps your stomach feeling full longer, which results in eating less. There is a reduced feeling of needing to eat, therefore causing you to eat less in both amounts and frequency. This, in turn aids in weight and diet management, which is why those who are trying to lose weight should be looking into the weight loss benefits of the best tequilas.

Is there a down side? 

There are no known side effects to agavins, which are naturally produced in Agave plants. This is not to be confused with or forgotten when consuming tequila, which contains a host of effects on its own when not used in moderation.  Agavins are not found in manufactured syrups, including corn or agave syrup. Additives to tequila, however, will remove the benefits of this natural sugar. While the sugar itself will still be there, any chemicals added to the tequila will far overpower the benefits of the agavins—so not just any tequila will aid your weight loss attempts; only the best tequilas on the market, made with fewer additives and purer agave, will do.

The key to success is literally in your tequila

Look for the best tequilas—those that are made from 100% pure blue agave. This is the most natural form of tequila. If you cannot find blue agave, then pure agave is your second-best option.  Additives and preservatives do not hold these same weight loss benefits and will contribute to spikes in blood sugar and other effects. Stay away from tequilas that contain additional ingredients. It is also important to note that mixing your tequila into other beverages will no longer have the same health benefits. Mixes contain, sugars, dyes, and other chemicals that not only increase your spikes in glucose levels, but they will also contribute tremendously to your next day hangover. The best tequilas, on its own, when properly distilled, do not have negative attributes and will not leave you with a hangover.

Of course, as with anything, moderation is key. Any amount of anything in excess will have undesirable effects on both your body and mind. However, this science is proven with pure tequilas. In addition to simply being a great beverage, this Mexican alcohol can benefit you as well. Can it be used as a regular weight loss diet program? Absolutely not. The benefits are great for those consuming it, but it is not recommended to go on a tequila diet for weight loss management. Proper weight loss will come from routine diet and exercise. However, the next time you are at a function or party and are considering your beverage options, tequila is a great choice. With its smooth taste and fascinating history, this drink also provides positive benefits for your body, removing the guilt for those who are trying to manage their weight.

What You Should Know About Your Medical Spa?

One of the newest additions in the field of beauty and skin care industry is medical spa. Different from traditional day spa, they are unique mixture of medical clinic and beauty spa. Outfitted with state-of-the-art clinical facility including plastic surgeons, skin care specialists, aestheticians, massage experts and therapists, medical spa in NJ offers people with day spa services like facials, pedicure, manicure, massage, alongside comprehensive skin rehab courses ranging from Botox to anti-ageing skin treatment, laser hair removal to hair loss treatment and Sclerotherapy to skincare advisory.

In order to ensure absolute safety, security and wellness of your skin health, consistency of a medical spa should be an obvious concern to you.

Key Factors to Choose a Medical Spas

  • Who Owns the Medical Spa?

Well-distinguished medical spas are typically operated by specialist physicians. Even though, depending on the type of services offered, the doctor may require involving in the procedure, however, their presence in the center and supervision is important. Many times for specialized skin care or cosmetic procedure, analysis of a patient’s medical history become important, which a general esthetician cannot handle. Make sure that you choose a medical spa where the doctor is board certified and specialized in cosmetic health, skin care, and/or plastic surgery.

  • Know About the Service Provider

Almost all states in the US, maintain strict rule that aestheticians should be certified from accredited medical institutes. Even though it is not possible for you to check certifications but choosing recognized medical spa in NJ ensure you that the aestheticians there are genuine and not boast a fake credential. The experience level of estheticians is specially taken in consideration in medical spas of repute In order to retain their market reputation, keep clients satisfied, and ensure their absolute safety.

  • How Equipped Is the Medical Spa 

Make sure, if the medical spa is fitted with a persuasive website or merely a mushroom category. A well-designed website of medical spa in NJ is the first source that depicts the details of its information. This helps you to evaluate the consistency of the clinic remotely, while as you visit the facility, keep your eyes open to check how prepared it is with newest medical devices, latest mechanisms or check how fitted are the procedure rooms? Never forget to evaluate the standard of the clients whom you come across.

  • Success Rate of Treatments 

Very significant decisive factor for you to opt for the medical spa is what is their success rate? Whether you go for facial, PRP hair treatment, or Spider Vain treatment with Sclerotherapy, it is vital for you to know whether the procedures offered by them are proven resulting, consistent and mind satisfying to the clients. Even if 100% may not be the success rate due to various factors, however knowing overall success point is important. Apart from viewing the pre and post treatment images, you can think of getting feedbacks from people who have had obtained services from there.

  • Genuineness of Injections/ Medications

Often times, people go with the tempting price offers of Botox like widely employed skin care injections in medical spas. You would be scary to know that among the rapidly growing medical spas, many are unauthorized where fake Botox sells like anything. Use of low-grade facial pills, industrial silicon and degrade massage oils invade people with a plenty of skin complications and diseases including skin cancer. Always go for medical spa in NJ that employ only FDA approved Botox in NJ, medications or organic natural oils to ensure absolute safety and protection of your delicate skin and overall wellbeing.

  • Health and Hygiene

Being a spa enthusiast, most possibly you will be the last person to go for a spa where therapists do not follow necessary sanitary regulations, use well sterilized tools or not caring to use gloves while offer skin care services and surgical procedures. Maintaining safety rules is indispensable, be it medical facility, healthcare clinic or medical spa. The technicians there should be well trained and knowledgeable about health and hygiene practices. Have an intense eye to the factor before asking for a facial or having a Sclerotherapy.

Weight Loss Doctor and Why You Need one

Weight loss is not easy for everyone. If you have struggled to lose weight for many years, there might be a genuine reason for it. Your lack of successful weight loss outcomes can be attributed to a medical condition or a health factor. When exercise and diets don’t help with weight loss and management, it is time to seek help from a doctor to assist you in your health journey.

Here are some reasons why you may need a doctor for weight loss.

1. You have been trying to lose weight to no avail. If you have taken all the steps that lead to weight loss but still haven’t found success then perhaps there is a health condition that could be hindering your success.
Medical conditions like diabetes can cause weight gain in people that can only be corrected with medical supervision. If the hormones are not balanced, you can gain weight easily and also find it hard to shed the extra pounds. Hypothyroidism is a condition where the body’s production of this essential hormone is severely reduced. It can cause significant weight gain, which is difficult to shift without proper diagnosis and care. Excess stress hormones like cortisol can also contribute to weight gain.

In such cases, a doctor can help to identify the reason for your weight loss struggle. Many weight loss programs have endocrinologists (hormone specialists) in their team precisely for the reason that hormones play a vital role in body metabolic functions and impact weight loss or gain.

Often, the low calorie diet you have been eating may not be ideal for your body type or weight loss goals. The same applies for your exercise routine. A weight loss doctor can help formulate programs for you that are in accordance with your unique needs. It can make all the difference in terms of lasting success for your weight loss program.

Look for expert help if you feel an underlying health condition could be hampering your weight loss plan. So, look for reputed weight loss doctors in Port Charlotte, FL if you live there and enroll in a program with medical experts in the team suited for your health needs.

2. You have mobility issues or a medical condition. When mobility issues or conditions like osteoarthritis make it difficult or impossible for you to move normally, let alone exercise; how do you lose excess fat and weight? In fact, lack of physical activity could be contributing to your weight gain. Such situations call for medical assistance for weight loss. When you go to a weight loss clinic, your doctor will conduct some tests to know more about your health. Your medical team will devise a plan for you considering your existing conditions as well as unique health needs. You will be able to lose weight even without strenuous physical work.

3. You need supervision to lose weight. Fact – some people do well with supervision when it comes to putting in efforts like controlled diet or regular exercise. Most often, such support is not sufficient in home or family settings if you are just starting your weight loss journey. There is always a party to go to or an upcoming birthday celebration. You also can’t expect other family members to eat diet food for your sake. It is simply not practical. If you need support to begin your weight loss journey then a doctor’s help can be invaluable.

4. You are obese. Obesity is different than excess weight. Obesity is a serious condition where a person not only has excess weight but unhealthy fat accumulation in the body. It can lead to other health problems also. Treatment of obesity requires a customized weight loss plan along with careful evaluation of your progress at every step of the way.

5. You need emotional support for weight loss. Significant weight gain can affect a person’s self-esteem. It can ruin relationships and careers. Deciding to lose weight is an important decision for most people. But it can be emotional taxing for some. Your doctor can also act as your counselor and help you remain steadfast on your weight loss path.

Work with a doctor you trust for lasting weight loss.

How Can a Medical Weight Loss Center Help You?

Excess weight can increase your risk of serious medical problems such as heart disease, osteoarthritis, and diabetes. It can also affect your self-esteem. Obesity in itself is a condition that is considered a major health risk. Excess weight can cause many health problems including obesity, which means excess weight along with extreme amounts of fat deposits.

Someone with BMI or body mass index at or above 30 is considered as obese; BMI in the range of 25-29.9 is considered as being overweight. If you have unsuccessfully tried every solution for losing weight; perhaps it is time to consider medical weight loss.

Here are some ways a medical weight loss center can help you.

By going to the root of the problem –

A medically-supervised program for weight loss takes care of the root cause of the problem. Medical weight loss is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It is customized for each person after examining their medical history and taking into account their unique health concerns.

Excess weight that is difficult to shift is often due to underlying medical problems. For instance, you can have hormonal problems that could be causing your weight gain or fluctuations. Your medical team will design a weight loss program based on your health needs and fitness level. Only such comprehensive programs can lead to lasting weight loss.

By offering you round-the-clock expert care –

At medical weight loss centers, there is a team of doctors, nurses, dieticians, and fitness experts who are with you every step of the way to help you reach your health goals.

Medically-assisted weight loss is not about losing weight alone. It is also about achieving good overall health. Your heart will be healthier and your hormones more balanced. Your body’s metabolic system will work more efficiently, which will lead to better digestion of food. You will feel more energetic and enthusiastic about life. You will, of course, feel lighter as the weight will start to shift.

It is not easy to stay on course when you have to strictly follow a diet and fitness plan. At weight loss centers, you have doctors and medical staff to encourage you and help you be on the right course to achieve your health goals.

By providing your tools for lifelong healthy habits –

It is very easy to gain the weight you just lost if you don’t follow a fitness and diet plan for life. For people who struggle with weight problems, it is important to keep tweaking the diet and exercise routine as per your changing body needs.

As your health improves, you won’t need the same diet as earlier. You may also need to shake up your exercise routine to keep boredom away and to keep achieving your fitness goals efficiently.

With the help of the right medical team, you can definitely lose weight. But you also need to keep this weight off for good. Your medical team will help you form lifelong healthy food habits. Your doctor will prescribe the right supplements to aid your weight loss. You will learn to make healthier food choices. Your fitness expert will teach you to exercise without risking injuries. These things are important for lasting weight loss as even with a minor injury, you can be bedridden for weeks. Such a thing can wreck your weight loss routine completely.

You will learn how to eat full meals and still lose weight without starving yourself. You will learn tools to keep hunger pangs at bay. Some people eat more when stressed or bored. By learning techniques to keep stress away, you can also improve your physical health. These practices are essential for lasting weight loss.

The Takeaway

Medical weight loss is all about long-term goals and success. You work with medical experts who care for your weight loss and health goals as much as you do.

With medically-assisted programs, you can not only lose weight and body fat but also reduce your risk of serious health problems. You can achieve a slimmer body profile, raise your energy levels, and improve your overall health. These improvements are difficult to achieve without expert help and proper encouragement.

How Does Cataract Surgery Improve Vision

Vision problem is something common that happens in old age, and you can find many people having a cataract at this age. Cataract is primarily a condition when the old aged person is not able to see properly; it affects the lens of the eyes, and the images appear foggy and blurred. Though cataract is a major problem that is witnessed by a huge number of old aged people but it has a permanent cure and can be overcome by undergoing cataract surgery. Cataract problem may bring your spirits down, but a proper cataract surgery in Colorado Springs can help patients to lead a happy and quality life.

A patient suffering from cataract should get it treated immediately instead of waiting until the last moment and hence making this issue a complicated case to be rectified.

Though a cataract surgery is one of the most common surgeries that take place in the medical world but the patient should opt for this at its earliest to avoid any further progressive vision loss.

Symptoms of Cataract

As it is said earlier, it is difficult to trace signs of cataract at an early stage, but it shows up slowly. Here are a few symptoms that you can detect and opt for a proper eye check up to find out any such ailment.

1. The hazy appearance of images

2. Problems in night vision

3. Inability to understand the sharpness of colors

4. The appearance of starbursts and halos when subjected to a bright lighted atmosphere

If you are facing any such symptoms, then it is high time that you get a proper eye check-up.

Cataract surgeries are one of the most common operations in the United States. Many patients opt for this surgery to fight against this eye problem. Cataract surgery is done by implanting an artificial lens which helps in giving a clear vision to the patients. If the patient is suffering a cataract problem, then it is always advisable to undergo a cataract surgery as it helps in enhancing the vision and also gives added on benefits to the patient. Here are few benefits of undergoing a cataract surgery if you have hailed a cataract problem-

1. Cataract surgery helps in increasing the lifespan

A person who undergoes a cataract surgery is more prone to live a longer life in comparison to a person who does not undergo a cataract surgery despite suffering from a cataract vision problem. The percentage count goes up to a reduced risk of 40% of the mortality rate in comparison to a patient who does not undertake the cataract surgery procedure.

2. Enhanced lifestyle

Cataract problem not only just bring haziness and inability of proper vision but has other problems associated with it such as depression and anxiety. This may affect the person very severely and the person may also lose the hope of living. But by undergoing cataract surgery not only the person gains back his/her vision but is also able to lead a better quality life. Life can get back to normal, and you can enjoy the activities that you used to enjoy in regular font.

3. Prevents from falls

We all know vision is one of the most significant things that you need to lead a practical life. Falling in the trap of a cataract problem may result in loss of proper vision and eyesight and getting it treated at the right time may help you to stay away from other mishaps such as fractures and falls. Improper eyesight may always keep you prone to dangers such as falls, and in old age it is almost impossible to mend the bones in perfect ways. So getting an appropriate surgery of cataract by visiting an Eye Doctor in Colorado Springs can probably be the primary step to get cure from this ailment.

Cataract Surgery- A Mandatory Aspect

There are no initial symptoms of a cataract, but it may impact the lifestyle of a person at a later stage causing hindrance to the basic and everyday activities of the person who has attained this cataract problem. It may also lead to permanent vision loss if not treated at the right time. So it is better to visit an eye doctor in Colorado Springs and consult them to proceeding with cataract surgery to get your life back to the regular platform gaining back your vision.

Why Visiting an Ophthalmologist is Necessary for Eye Care

A medical doctor who specializes in eye care is an ophthalmologist. An ophthalmologist is trained to take complete care of the eyes including medical examinations and simple to complex surgeries. They also prescribe eyeglasses, contact lenses, and medicines.

Even if you don’t have any eye or vision troubles, seeing an ophthalmologist from time to time can be helpful for you.

Here are some reasons to emphasize why visiting an ophthalmologist is necessary for your eye care.

For Vision Problems

When you have a vision problem, you can see an ophthalmologist or an optometrist. An optometrist is an eye care specialist who can perform eye exams and write the prescription for vision correction. But they cannot perform surgery or provide any specialized care.

If you have been having vision problems for the first time, it is better to see an ophthalmologist. An ophthalmologist can do a detailed examination of your eyes to find the reason behind your reduced vision. Vision problems can occur due to other health conditions also. So, it is important to know the cause behind it before you can have a prescription for glasses or contact lenses.

If you have moved to a new city or looking for a new eye doctor, do your research to find an experienced and qualified ophthalmologist. The same applies when you need to visit an eye doctor for the first time. Say, you need to find a new ophthalmologist in Colorado Springs or surrounding areas, look for a doctor who offers comprehensive services, has excellent credentials, and runs a good practice. One way to do this is to ask your friends or acquaintances for references. You can also conduct an online search and check the websites of leading ophthalmologists in your area or read their patient testimonials.

For Specialized Care

Ophthalmologists are specialists for all types of eye diseases. They perform surgeries for eye problems such as cataracts and glaucoma. If you have eye problems like double vision, blurriness, pain, red eyes, infections, peripheral vision problems, dry eyes, excessive tearing, or eyelid abnormalities; your ophthalmologist is the doctor who can provide you specialized care for these and other such eye problems. With age, macular degeneration is a common problem requiring specialized care.

Ophthalmologists also perform refractive surgeries such as PRK and LASIK. They also do different types of corneal transplants such as full and partial and other complicated procedures like pterygium surgery, and treatment for progressive diseases like keratoconus.

For Preventive Care

One important benefit of regular visits with your ophthalmologist is that you can identify a problem before it becomes severe. Many people don’t realize they have cataracts until their vision begins to really cause them problems.

Diabetes can cause eye problems. For people with diabetes, it is important to see an ophthalmologist regularly to prevent any complications with their vision. The same applies to people who have hypertension. Due to high blood pressure, vessels that supply blood to the eyes can become damaged and cause retinopathy. When not treated in time, it can cause serious damage to your eyes including vision loss.

For people over the age of 40, it is vital to go for regular eye checkups for preventive care. For people over 40 who have vision problems, seeing your eye doctor once or twice a year is paramount. For children with vision troubles, seeing an ophthalmologist is vital to ensure they have the right eyeglass prescription and to keep track of any fluctuations in their eyesight.

For Urgent Care

If a foreign object gets inside the eyes such as dirt or a piece of glass; it can cause serious damage to your eyes. In such cases, an emergency visit to your eye doctor is paramount. Even if you flush your eye with water to remove the dirt, it is important to see a doctor to assess the damage, if any.

Children often get foreign objects in their eyes while playing. Even if your child has no vision problems, you need to have a relationship with an ophthalmologist in your city. So, you can look for a doctor in a city near you or nearby area. For example, you can see a reputed ophthalmologist even if you live in a nearby suburb.

Your ophthalmologist can help you keep your eyes in perfect working order at all stages of your life.

Things to Remember Before Eye Cataract Surgery

A cataract refers to cloudiness or opaqueness in the eye’s natural lens. As the cloudiness begins to grow, it can affect your vision. As the cataracts develop, you can find it difficult to perform your routine activities such as driving, reading, cooking, and watching television. You can also have difficulty seeing at night or due to bright lights in your field of vision. You can find relief from all these and other cataracts-related problems with eye surgery.

Cataracts surgery is a routine procedure and totally safe when performed by a qualified and experienced eye doctor. Look for a doctor with excellent credentials and experience in performing cataracts surgery. For instance, if you are getting a cataract surgery in Colorado Springs, find a local ophthalmologist with specialized qualifications and experience in all aspects of vision problems and surgical procedures.

Your eye doctor in Colorado Springs will inform you about the preoperative care you need to take. Your doctor will also explain to you what you can expect from the surgery and about the postoperative recovery and care steps you will need to take.

Here are some things you need to remember before your cataract surgery.

  • Immediately after the procedure, it can become difficult to drive as your eyes adjust to the new cataract-free lens. So, it is important that you remember to arrange for a ride home.
  • Until your eyes fully adjust, you can also find it difficult to perform chores or activities around the house. If you live alone, it can be helpful to have someone to be with you for the next few hours after your surgery. You may simply want to rest after your surgery and not require any help around the house. But it is better to have someone with you for safety reasons.
  • Your doctor may ask you to use antibiotics or any other type of eye medicine the night before your surgery. It is vital that you remember to follow this instruction.
  • On the day of your cataracts surgery, your doctor will ask you to not consume any liquid or food for at least six hours before your procedure begins. Remember to eat well 7-8 hours before your surgery (just to be safe) is due to start so that there are no complications and don’t feel hungry Also, refrain from consuming alcohol the day before your surgery or as instructed by your doctor.
  • During your initial consultation about cataracts surgery, your doctor is very likely to ask you about any medicines that you currently use. Certain medicines such as blood thinners can increase the risk of bleeding or injuries during the surgery. Remember to avoid taking any medicine your eye doctor has asked you to not take before your surgery. Due to any pre-existing health condition, you might need to a certain medicine on the day of your surgery. In that case, your doctor may suggest you take these medicines only with a sip of water (if the time of taking the medicine is less than six hours before the surgery). Discuss this with your doctor during your initial consultation itself.
  • Avoid using any perfumed product or eye makeup on the day of the surgery. Any foreign substance, especially chemicals and colors, can increase the chances of infection after the surgery.
  • For your surgery, you may need to spend a few hours in the clinic or the hospital. So, remember to wear comfortable clothing.
  • Try to sleep and rest well the day before your surgery. If you feel stressed about it, take a few deep breaths and try to relax. For your peace of mind, remember to ask any questions you have about your surgery beforehand. A good doctor will be more than happy to answer your questions about the procedure.

Remember that your doctor wants a successful outcome of your cataracts surgery ( as much as you. So, put your mind at ease right before the surgery.

If you are overly concerned about the procedure, you can talk to other people who have had surgeries to alleviate your fears. For example, if know any patients of your eye doctor, you can talk to them and ask about their experience. Also, you can read online reviews about people’s experience of getting a cataract surgery in Colorado Springs to know more about the kind of specialized care available in your city.

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