Why Do You Need a Baby Sleep Coach?

The birth of a child is one of the most joyous occasions in the life of a couple. However, this comes with many responsibilities. Rearing a child poses many problems and concerns, especially if you are a first-time parent. From feeding the baby, changing nappies, and shushing a crying baby, there is a lot that parents need to go through to bring up the little ones. One thing among these that concerns parents most is getting a baby to sleep well. Many a time, newborns, infants, and toddlers end up with sleepless night, which in turn trouble the parents who have to forego their sleep to calm the little one down.  Some babies also experience interrupted bedtime patterns, which too can be taxing on couples and other people who take care of the baby. A sleep coach for babies is someone who comes to your aid in such instances. Here is why you need to hire one, and how such a professional can help you and your little one.

Who is a sleep coach?

A sleep consultant or coach is a trained professional who offers help when your baby has issues with his/her sleep. Such a person could be a nurse, a nanny, or someone with babysitting experience, but above all, he/she is certified in sleep coaching. The coach helps develop a sleep plan for your baby after taking into consideration the current routine and lifestyle. Changes suggested usually involve alterations to feeding schedules, nap sessions, and bedtime routine.

Why you need to hire a sleep coach for your baby

A sleep coach can enter the picture in multiple instances. Most parents today are educated, and well-read on issues concerning their babies. Moms of newborn turn to their parents for advice on a possible solution to the issues concerning their long-awake or crying baby. In spite of all these, if you are unable to get your baby to sleep, hiring a coach is recommended. Another instance is when you have more than one baby to take care of. Your older child could be a toddler, and the younger one, just a couple of months old. Putting both of them to sleep together could be a Herculean task. The toddler, who has been shifted to an individual bed, needs to adjust to his/her new surroundings, and get accustomed to newly developing fears, like that of the dark. The infant, on the other hand, needs to be tended to every few hours, and fed regularly too. For moms who are expecting, with another toddler to take care of, the challenge is no different.

A sleep coach for your baby can help you with the challenges you face. A good consultant is able to assess your lifestyle, and the baby’s routine in order to understand what the issue is. Sleeplessness could sometimes be a result of an underlying disease or health condition that prevents your baby from having a good bedtime. A coach is able to identify this, and get your baby examined by a doctor to rule out any such conditions before putting a sleep plan into place. Unlike most advice that is available over the web, the plan laid out by the consultant isn’t ‘one size fits all’. It is customized to suit your baby’s needs and behavior, so that you are able to see the difference in the shortest possible time.

The role of a sleep coach doesn’t end with delivering a plan. He/she is available on call for a few weeks, months, or even a year to assess how the plan is progressing, and to respond to your queries that crop up from time to time. Most coaches are accessible through multiple communication means – emails, call, chats, text support, and so on. The role of many consultants also extends beyond just sleep coaching. They offer parenting tips and guides, such as toilet training, or putting your child to sleep during an illness or travel, and so on. Many parents find this extremely helpful.

So, if you are troubled by a sleepless baby or an infant who stays awake and active all through the night, the solution could well be in hiring a sleep coach.

How Does Anxiety Therapy Help?

Having anxiety is a basic human behavior and all of us get anxious once in a while. Getting anxious or worried sometimes is completely fine as long as the anxiety keeps appearing every now and then. You know things are going wrong when you are anxious all the time, constantly worried and constantly thinking of negative outcomes. Your OCD levels have gone high and you are obsessed about tiniest of things, worrying and fidgeting all the time. You know your anxiety needs to be treated when you have panic attacks all the time and you are even anxious about having panic attacks all the time. Anxiety can reach alarming stages as mentioned above, when therapy is only the solution.

When anxiety overgrows therapy can help people out of their miseries and teach them how to help themselves. However, not many people believe in therapies in anxiety and have questions like ‘does anxiety therapies work?’ If you are not sure how these therapy sessions for anxiety work, this article is for you. We will see how anxiety therapy in Jupiter, FL can help people. Read on.

What is Anxiety Therapy and How Does it Work?

Therapy for anxiety issues is a pretty common thing and qualified therapists conduct sessions for a certain amount of time. Two of the most common therapy for anxiety are behavioral therapy and cognitive therapy. Behavioral therapy deals with behavioral aspects like panting, hyperventilating, fidgeting and other symptoms of severe anxiety. If these symptoms are not treated the person might develop panic attacks and these attacks make the whole scene worse. Cognitive therapy on the other hand deals with thoughts and feelings which are the crucial elements of anxiety. Having a negative approach towards life, worrying about the smallest of things and worrying about constantly being worried, such is the complexity of feelings and thoughts when it comes to anxiety. Cognitive therapies can help people with their anxiety problems, have clarity of thoughts and develop characteristics of patience, bravery and confidence.

Why to Trust Anxiety Therapists?

1. Experts handle these sessions

Therapists who have years of experience in therapy will be handling these sessions. As an added advantage, they will have dealt with many similar patients before and learnt a lot from their previous experience. Anxiety therapists will conduct systematic therapy sessions, use measurable metrics to check the progress and use proven methods to systematically treat the concerns. Be it an individual therapy or group therapy, the therapists in Jupiter, FL will follow a systematic approach to treat anxiety disorders.

2. They take time, but they work

Be it anxiety therapy in Jupiter or elsewhere, it takes time for these sessions to have an impact and change a person’s habits. These sessions are not designed to be short term escapes from the issues the patients are facing. They are designed such that people receive help that is long term and in fact helpful to change. If you want to genuinely seek help and change your life, you need to be patient and hopeful about it. Anxiety therapy sessions teach you exactly that, to halt and reflect. To develop these states of mental peace it takes time, proven methods of therapy and dedication from both the patient and therapist. All you need to be aware is to let time take its course and trust the therapist who is helping you to achieve that.

3. Therapies are systematic and proven

It is human nature to reflect upon oneself and make efforts to change a behavior that is hindering them. However not all of us are able to change and when things get worse, help from therapy seem inevitable. This is because not all of us can formulate a system and discipline in our lives. If you or your loved one cannot cope with anxiety no matter what, a therapist can help his/her situation with a systematic approach that is proven and tested. You need to trust anxiety therapy because it works for people who are willing to cooperate, be patient and make genuine efforts.

Cardiovascular Diseases and What Needs to be Done

Cardiovascular Diseases Infographic

Infograph Provider: www.saintalphonsus.org/

Spinal Cord Injury: What It Is, How It Happens, and How to Protect Your Rights

What is a Spinal Cord Injury?

A spinal cord injury results in damage to the spinal cord, which inhibits communication between the brain and the rest of the body. Once sustaining damage to the spinal cord, a person’s sensory, motor, and reflex messages are all affected; these signals may not travel past the point in the spinal cord that sustained the damage. The affected person can experience either a temporary or permanent loss of function, paralysis, and loss of sensation. The resulting effects of spinal cord injuries are also directly connected to where in the spinal column the injury takes place. The vertebrae within the human spine are grouped into sections, and the higher the injury takes place within the spinal column, the more dysfunction may present as a result.

Cervical Spinal Cord Injury

Damage done to the cervical nerves in the spinal column is by far the most concerning because the risk of dysfunction is much greater. Injury to this section of the spine can cause the paralysis of various parts of the body, the inability to breathe on one’s own, the inability to control one’s bowel or bladder movements, and the impaired ability to speak. If the damage is significant, injuries to the cervical vertebrae can result in tetraplegia, or paralysis resulting in the partial or complete loss of use of all four limbs and the torso. Similarly, these injuries can also result in quadriplegia, which is closely related to tetraplegia, but does not affect the arms. Paralysis is generally experienced as both sensory and motor, meaning that both sensation and control are lost in the affected parts of the body. When injury to the cervical nerves is sustained, those involved may require 24-hour care and complete assistance with daily living for the duration of their lives.

Thoracic Spinal Cord Injury

As the thoracic nerves affect the muscles, upper chest, mid-back, and abdominal muscles, injuries sustained in this area of the spine generally affect one’s torso and legs, and will result in little to no control over one’s bowel or bladder. Severe injury to this area will often result in paraplegia, which impairs motor and/or sensory function in the lower extremities. Depending on the circumstances, it may be possible for affected individuals to walk with braces, but will more likely utilize a manual wheelchair.

Lumbar and Sacral Spinal Cord Injury

Injury to the lumbar and sacral nerves of the lower spine often results in some loss of function in the hips and legs, with little to no control over one’s bowel or bladder. Depending on the severity and location of the injury, it is possible that those affected may be able to walk, but others may require the assistance of braces or wheelchairs.

How Do Spinal Cord Injuries Occur?

Spinal cord injuries usually begin with a sudden, traumatic blow to the spine, which fractures or dislocates vertebrae. The moment that this occurs, there are displaced fragments of bone, disc material, or ligaments, which will bruise or tear delicate spinal cord tissue. Although the spinal cord is not normally severed, injury will often result in the fracturing and/or compression of the vertebrae. Once this happens, the nerves carrying signals from the brain to the rest of the body through the spinal column will be interrupted, and may not be able to communicate properly.

How to Protect Your Rights

The most dangerous result of spinal cord injury is paralysis, or loss of voluntary movement, usually caused by damage to the nervous system. This paralysis may only be partial, affecting one muscle or limb. The paralysis sustained as a result of a spinal cord injury may also be completely devastating, as in the case of quadriplegia or tetraplegia. If you or someone that you care about has suffered partial or total paralysis as a result of a spinal cord injury, you must learn about your rights concerning this issue by consulting a spinal cord injury attorney. Any damage to the spinal cord can be life altering, and if this injury came about as a result of negligence or wrongdoing, it is imperative that you receive compensation for the harm done. Learning more about personal injury claims involving spinal cord injury (www.spinalinjury101.org/details) and/or paralysis is imperative; it sends the message that the misconduct of an individual, a corporation, or a public entity is inexcusable.

Postpartum Shapewear – Discover the Quickest Way to Get Back into Your Pre-Pregnancy Clothes

Childbirth is a wonderful experience. It, however, leaves many women around the world constantly worried about a singular problem – the bloated belly. For most of them, getting back into their pre-pregnancy clothes is a major concern. Thanks to postpartum shapewear, mothers of newborn can now look slimmer and fit immediately after childbirth. They can also recover from childbirth more quickly and easily.

How postpartum shapewear works

Postpartum or maternity shapewear garments, as they are called, function by the principle of abdominal compression. They are composed of layers and panels that offer mild compression to the postpartum belly, helping it regain its pre-pregnancy shape and size faster. Depending on the type and design, the garments target specific areas such as the abdomen, hip, buttocks, back, and parts of the upper torso.

Postpartum compression garments are made from natural and synthetic materials like cotton, nylon, elastane etc. They meet medical grade standards and are tested for performance, making them absolutely safe to use after childbirth. Some maternity shape wear garments are designed for use after natural childbirth, while some others are for use after C-section. The latter factors in the need for incision healing and better support after the procedure, and hence are designed accordingly.

Different kinds of maternity shape wear

  • Bellybands

Belly bands are probably the most frequently used postpartum shape wear. The garment is designed to be wrap – around, and covers the abdomen, hip, back, and lower rib. Belly bands can be used after natural childbirth as well as a caesarean section. However, they are more suited for the former, and are best used after a few weeks of delivery in case of C-section.

  • Girdles

This class of maternity garment is just as popular as belly bands, but most often used by women who undergo a C- section. The postpartum C-section girdle offer better support and compression, and hence are more appropriate for use after the procedure. Within girdles, there are many designs like pull up, girdle with zipper, corset, double corset etc. These designs offer the same degree of compression and vary only in their type of closure and adjustability. Corsets and double corsets usually include an extra row of adjustable hooks which help in controlling compression and correcting it when progress is made.

  • Compression tanks

Compression tanks are very similar to regular tank tops and differ only in their functionality. Those designed for use after delivery offer support for the entire upper body, giving the torso a firm and toned look. They cover the lower tummy, side handles, back bulge, and upper body through specially targeted compression sections. They also feature clasp strap closures for easy nursing access and are comfortable to use throughout the day. These garments are ideal for layering and are helpful in reducing bloating after childbirth.

  • Postpartum panties

Postpartum panties are simple and effective maternity shape wear garments that cover the abdomen, hip, lower back, and buttocks. They are comparatively easier to wear and feature a seamless and high – rise design that provides a light compression to the frontal lower abdomen and oblique areas. Postpartum panties are designed to be used during day and night time alike, and can be worn by themselves or in combination with a girdle or belly band.

  • Compression thongs

Compression thongs are designed for those new moms who hate panty lines that show through their outer garments. This type of shape wear is manufactured using the same inner support material as girdles and corsets, and hence offers the same degree of compression and support in the abdominal area. They are designed to be pull – on, and hence lack closures; making them easy to wear and move around in.

For best results, it is important to use postpartum garments immediately after delivery and up to the prescribed time, in a meticulous manner. When selecting them it is also important to know which of them are suited for use after natural delivery, and which are for use after C-section. Some garments like panties, are designed for use throughout the day, while some others like corsets need to be worn with breaks in between, lest health concerns develop.

When buying postpartum shape wear, it is crucial to ensure proper fit so that the compression and support offered are neither excessive nor too less. Before beginning use, it is also preferable to seek advice from the consulting doctor on any complication or existent health issue that may aggravate with the use of postpartum shape wear.

Five Must-Have Features of Postpartum Girdles

Postpartum girdles are the ultimate support garments designed specifically for the pregnant women and new moms. These belly bands are extremely helpful to give back your pre-pregnancy body within a few months. You can feel comfortable during and after the pregnancy by wearing them as tummy binders. And, there’s still more to it. Best postpartum girdles help to straighten the spine in post pregnancy period and let your body regain its original shape. Also, it reduces the negative effects of C-section surgery on your health by providing faster healing through right compression in the lower abdominal region. It aids the uterus to get back to its position and is highly effective in lymphatic drainage. In short, it has multiple advantages for the women undergoing pregnancy or postnatal recovery.

You can find a huge variety of postpartum girdles in the markets, making the choice intimidating for you. These belts, binders, wraps, bands, or girdles are available in varied styles, fabrics, and fits to suit women of all sizes. However, instead of getting overwhelmed by such humongous variety, you must focus on buying the product that suits your needs. For your help, here are five features that you must find out in these girdles to soothe your postpartum health and aid in faster recuperation after an exhausting time.

  1. It Should Fit to Your Size:

There is no point investing your money in a product that is not made for you. Sizing matters tremendously in terms of postpartum girdles. They should be fit enough to offer right compression to your belly. At the same time, it is futile to choose a girdle that is overtly undersized. It will pinch your stomach and lower back causing constant discomfort. Such belts may also lead to some other complications instead of solving your postnatal health issues. Some women end up buying oversized belts due to breathability they may allow. But this is again not advisable. Loosely fitted bands will never serve the purpose for which they are designed. Hence, it is wise to follow the sizing charts provided by manufacturers and buy a girdle that snugly fits you and allow you freedom to enjoy your daily activities as usual.

  1. It Should Be Medical-Grade:

It is a myth that belly bands are not recommended by medical practitioners. Most of the gynecologists and obstetricians recommend wearing postpartum girdles to relieve your pain and pressure on abdominal area during and after pregnancy. However, it is noteworthy that you must consult your doctor before buying any such product and invest your money in a medical quality band with high-end specifications and enhanced features.

  1. It Should Be Made from Comfortable Fabric:

This is also very important to enjoy the true comfort and luxury of wearing a postpartum girdle. They are designed with lightweight fabrics to allow sufficient breathability to the wearer. Cotton with spandex or Lycra is the most common choices of fabrics in this support garment. It offers the support that you require without causing discomfort or abrasion on your skin. Also, it is stretchy and cozy to keep your relaxed while handling your new born or managing your daily chores.

  1. It Should Be Convenient to Wear:

Post pregnancy, the body usually gets stiffened and it becomes hard to bend or flex your muscles. In this regard, you must choose a girdle that is easy to slip on. There are many varieties available in the market for high-quality belly compression belts with zipper closure, hook sand eye closure, pull up girdles, and dual closure corsets. Whatever be their name, you should prefer the style that suits you perfectly. As a matter of fact, you should prefer buying corsets that are easy to wear and cover the entire torso to provide right compression on all the organs. Also, these corsets should have a wonderful fit and stay in position even for long hours. It should also offer easy access to the groin with a flap that is comfortable to hook on.

  1. It Should Be Thin and Light Colored:

This one is for style purposes. Postpartum girdles are comfortable to wear, if preferred in lightweight fabrics. Lighter fabrics can be easily worn under your clothes and let you be stylish while stepping out of your home. So, it also helps to accentuate your self-confidence. Hence, prefer corsets in light and neutral colors to wear underneath your stunning dresses and flaunt your toned postpartum belly with style.

These are the five must-have features that you must find in a postpartum girdle (maternity.about.com/od/thefourthtrimester/tp/5-Great-Post-Partum-Girdles.htm) before actually buying it. Also, remember that these girdles must be worn after consultation with your doctor and accompanied by proper exercises and diet schedule for effective results.

How to Get Back Your Pre-Pregnancy Shape with Postpartum Shapewear

Postpartum shape wear is now the new rage among women who have given birth to a child recently. These garments offer abdominal compression that helps new mothers regain their pre-pregnancy shape with ease. They are recommended by healthcare experts worldwide, and perform the dual role of lingerie and medical garments by offering support to the post – baby uterus and belly.

Types of Postpartum Shape Wear

Postpartum shape wear includes medical grade garments that can be used by both, women who have had a normal delivery, and those who have undergone a C – section. All of them perform the basic function of offering compression, but differ in their design and the extent of support offered, or the area covered.

•  Compression tank – these garments offer support to the entire upper body. The garment has a special design that offers compression to the post-baby tummy through targeted sections that cover the low tummy, side handles, back bulge, and upper body. They often feature clasp strap closures for easy nursing access and are comfortable to use throughout the day. Compression tanks can be used for layering and is helpful in reducing bloating after childbirth.

•  Postpartum panty – panties are the easiest to wear among maternity shape wear and feature seamless and high – rise design that provides a light compression to the frontal lower abdomen and oblique areas. Appropriate for use during day and night time, the panty can be used by itself or in combination with postpartum girdle or corset.

•  Compression thong – these are a modified version of the postpartum panty, for women who dislike panty lines when getting dressed up for an occasion. They are usually manufactured using the same inner support material as the girdles and corsets, and hence offer the same degree of compression and support in the abdominal area. The pull – on design, which lacks closures, makes them easy to wear and move around in.

•  Postpartum girdles and corsets – this class of maternity shape wear offers the maximum compression. Maternity girdles and corsets differ only in their design, and offer the same degree of compression to the abdomen. The former is designed to be pulled up, while the latter contains a closure like hooks that offer extra support. Corsets and girdles provide support to the pendulous abdomen after pregnancy and also help straighten the spine. They also provide support to the hips, legs, and back, and alleviate postpartum pain, especially among women who have undergone a C – section.

•  Bellybands – these garments are a milder version of girdles and corsets, and offer compression to the abdomen and hip. They cover a lesser area of the mid – section and are fit for use a few weeks after the delivery.

Using Maternity Shape Wear

Postpartum shape wear offers best results when used right from a few hours after delivery up to a few weeks. Depending on the design, the garment can be worn throughout the day or only for a few hours. For e.g., postpartum panties are fit for use during the day and night while corsets are best worn for a few hours, due to the extent of compression they offer. Compression tanks can be worn even during workout sessions as they are comfortable, while girdles may prove slightly stiff in this regard.

When buying postpartum shapewear, it is important to ensure proper so that it offers support and compression that is neither excessive nor too less. Certain garments are fit for use immediately after childbirth, like corsets and girdles, while some others like bellybands (www.ehow.com/about_5054849_belly-bands.html) are better used a few weeks after the delivery.

Postpartum compression garments are not a substitute to workouts. To get back into a healthy and fit body, a good diet and exercise are absolutely necessary. Also the compression offered by these garments does not lead to instantaneous results. While they do tuck in the abdomen by a few centimeters or inches when worn, continued and regular use is a must so that the uterus and abdomen can go back to their original shape in the shortest time possible.

Essential Nursing Apparel for the New Mother

Importance of Breastfeeding:

Breast milk is best for your baby, and the benefits of breastfeeding extend well beyond basic nutrition. In addition to containing all the vitamins and nutrients your baby needs in the first six months of life, breast milk is packed with disease-fighting substances that protect your baby from illness.

The young mother is equally benefited by breastfeeding the baby. You have a reduced risk of Type2 Diabetes and breast cancer. You can get back to your pre-pregnancy weight fast. The bond between you and your baby becomes much stronger.

Breast milk keeps your baby healthy. It protects your baby from diseases and allergies. It is easily digested by the baby and the baby does not suffer either from constipation or diarrhea.

Breast milk is always available wherever and whenever your baby needs it. It is always at right temperature and clean. You don’t have to bother about cleaning of the feeding bottles.

To be comfortable, while breastfeeding a child is very important and this can be achieved only if you are wearing comfortable apparel such as nursing gowns and robes.

Types and Benefits of Essential Nursing Apparels:

A wide variety of nursing apparels are available in the market for you to choose from. These can be broadly categorized in four categories.

1) Nursing Bras:

One of the most important nursing apparel for a new mother is the nursing bra which is available as Daytime nursing bras and Sleep nursing bras. Sleep nursing bras allow for comfort when milk is coming and the breasts are engorged. These bras are so designed to, not only comfortably support your new curves, but also have easy to open flaps for easy access for your baby. These bras also help in correcting your posture. They have wide straps that offer support and do not dig in your skin. The fabric should be soft and of premium quality as your baby will be at close proximity to the fabric. These bras also control bust volume and eliminates annoying bra bulges. You can wear it daily for work, exercising and breastfeeding.

1) Compression Tanks:

These abdominal compression garments are designed with soft, breathable and microporous fabric in such a manner that they offer exceptional underwire free support and easily slide over cups for discreet nursing. These Tank tops not only offer support but also help in flattening the tummy, back muscles with the pressure. The shoulder straps are wide enough to give maximum comfort and do not dig into the skin. They also help in improving the posture and reduce the stretch marks by pulling together the loose skin.

They are made of premium material and hold their shape wash after wash. These can be worn on their own as well as under garments. They are 90% cotton and 10% elastane. They have easy pull-side nursing access without any encumbrances of snaps or flaps.

3) Nursing Tops:

Out of the breastfeeding clothes available, nursing tops are the most popular ones. They have hidden openings that let you nurse your baby without feeling exposed. They cover your stomach area, yet provide easy access to the baby to your breast when needed. These nursing tops look like your everyday shirts and blouses, so you can feel as stylish as ever. These have push back panels for easy breastfeeding and you need not fiddle with clips and straps.

4) Nursing Sleepwear:

It is very important for a new mother to have good night’s sleep. This will not only help you but also the baby to remain healthy. To achieve this, you need to have a good stock of nursing sleepwear. Nursing sleepwear is very important for getting through nighttime feedings. The easy to access openings allow you to pull the baby into bed with you and feed while lying down, so you can get enough rest while breastfeeding. These should be made of soft, breathable and premium fabric keeping the baby’s welfare and comfort in mind.

Nursing pads (www.wisegeek.com/what-are-nursing-pads.htm) are also very important for a new mother and she can use them whenever there is leaking of milk. These are put in the bras for absorbing any extra milk.

Essential nursing apparel not only ensures proper breastfeeding, but also adds to the joy and comfort of upbringing the infant.

Importance of Wearing A Postpartum Girdle After A C- Section

Gaining weight during pregnancy is normal but after pregnancy it is very important to get back into shape. There are various ways and means to do so.

Decreasing Caloric Intake:

Reducing your food intake does help in losing weight but it is not advisable for a nursing mother.The body requires extra food to produce milk needed to feed the baby. Decreasing the food intake would result in the reduction of milk produce and that would definitely harm the baby.


Exercise is very important for a young mother, but if you have had a C-Section, it is not possible to go in for vigorous exercise as you are already faced with back pain, scar and weak abdominal muscles. Using of Gym equipment is also not recommended.

Weight loss supplements:

These should be a big No for the young nursing mothers as they can have adverse effects on your health and the baby.

Women’s body is supposed to come back to its Pre-pregnancy shape on its own, but it never happens. During Pregnancy a number of hormones like estrogen, relaxin and progesterone are secreted for the growth of the baby and for easy childbirth. Their function is to loosen the pelvic muscles and widen the pelvis for childbirth. These hormones remain in the body for sometime, thus hindering your body from coming back into its original form.

One of the surest and the best way to regain your shape is by using postpartum girdle C-section. If you want firm support after your baby is born by C-Section, a good maternity girdle can do wonders for you.

Advantages of a postpartum girdle:

•  It provides support, compression in your abdomen area and backside

•  They are helpful for sore backs

•  It helps your spine to recover and straighten

•  It can help your uterus return to its usual position

•  It is a great way to make you look fit and in-shape

•  It also helps you to reduce further weight gain by compressing fatty cells

•  It can prevent lymphatic damage and reduces swelling

Types of Postpartum Girdles:

1)  One of the most popular Postpartum Girdle available in the market which is medically cleared is the one that effectively compresses your abdomen. It is made of microporous fabric that does not hold sweat. They are of various styles for you to choose from. A pull one is easy to operate, a corset type, a girdle with a zipper and a dual girdle. They all have the same effect and depend on the individual. The zipper, snaps are of high quality. They are easy to hide under your normal clothes. The users claim that they look around 20 pounds lighter while wearing these girdles.

2) An another type of Postpartum Girdle which is an invisible girdle allows you to wear strapless dresses, low rise and hip hugger jeans without showing itself. It also helps in straightening and re-aligning your spine. It is made of cotton and latex and are available in black and nude. It is very durable.

3) The 3 in 1 breathable elastic Postpartum Girdle is made of porous fabric that can be worn all day. It is very good at providing excellent back and spine support if you have had a C-Section. As the name suggests this Postpartum girdle comes in three separate adjustable pieces. One piece is for binding the tummy, the second piece is for the abdomen and the third piece is for the hips. These three pieces have to be adjusted, which may appear difficult for you in the beginning but once you learn the art it becomes simple and give you a lot of benefit.

Along with the above there are many types of girdles available in the market and you can go in for a particular one according to your own specific need.

Wearing postpartum girdle and corsets after pregnancy not only makes you look slimmer but also offers support to multiple organs. The utility of this girdle does not require any further emphasis and is a must buy for you if you are going in for a C-Section.

Treating External Hemorrhoids without Surgery

Inflammation of the anal veins is the principal cause of hemorrhoids. Naturally addressing this burning sensation or swelling and shrinking the hemorrhoid fast are the first priorities for treatment. The causes of the disorder are related to severe pressure exerted on the pelvic blood vessels and rectal canal. While it affects mostly pregnant women, severe constipation causes this in many people. Though treating hemorrhoid always depends on the severity of the condition, there are many non-surgical methods to treat hemorrhoids effectively.

Lifestyle habits and substance abuse often have a big role to play in causing hemorrhoids. Smoking, consuming too much caffeine and a diet lacking dietary fiber and lack of hydration often in the long run results in hemorrhoids. For shrinking the hemorrhoids in size and ease the bowel movement, you can try a number of home remedies. Below we have mentioned some of them.

  • Using stool softeners
  • Avoiding straining too much during defecation
  • Taking sitz bath several times during day, especially after defecation
  • Always cleaning the area properly with gentle soap and moistened tissue
  • Keeping the area well hydrated by drinking too much water
  • Enhance intake of dietary fiber

Besides these measures, if the pain and discomfort is persistent, it is advisable to consult doctor early before the condition gets aggravated.

Over-the-counter topical relief

There are various over the counter hemorrhoid treatment cream and ointments containing local anesthetic or anti-inflammatory material for soothing the pain. These creams and ointments can also contain natural ingredients with similar topical healing properties. Witch hazel wipes and Aloe vera creams are already widely popular. Administering small ice pack over the anal area for few minutes several times a day can also help reducing pain and swelling to a great extent.

Remember, treating the severe external hemorrhoids with home treatments mentioned above may not always be effective and in that case consulting doctor and taking medication is very important. It is important to take the preventive measures like change of diet, exercise and some change in lifestyle habits besides taking medication to ensure long term results and prevent hemorrhoid from relapsing.

Home treatment

Most of the hemorrhoid symptoms (www.webmd.com/digestive-disorders/tc/hemorrhoids-symptoms-1) get eloped quite dramatically with simple and natural measures. By going through various procedures you can heal the area and ensure comfort.

Consuming more dietary fiber is a good way to regularize your bowel movement and get relief from constipation. Some fiber supplements with adequate intake of fluid can also work great. Fiber besides softening the stools also helps hydrating the rectal canal and thus makes stool easier to pass. By getting relief from constipation, you can reduce pressure on the lower blood vessels around the anus and thus can treat hemorrhoids effectively. Diet rich in fiber like broccoli, beans, wheat, oat, fresh fruits, leafy vegetables and whole-grain foods can offer enough dietary fiber to work as natural laxative and stool softener and can have positive impact on your hemorrhoid condition.

Moderate level of aerobic exercises like brisk walking or jogging for half an hour every day can also be effective to ease the bowel movement and provide relief from constipation.

Some other lifestyle measures include avoiding sitting in one place for too long and avoiding straining too much in the toilet seat to pass the hard stools. When having difficulty in passing the bowel movement, you should better take time and try sometime else after taking some laxatives or drinking few glasses of water. Moreover, when feeling the urge for defecation, without delay get yourself relieved from the bowel movement.

Taking sitz bath

Sitz bath refers to the warm water bath taken to heal the buttocks and hips as while taking this bath, you need to sit in the warm water filled bathtub on your hips. It provides quick relief from itching, irritation, and the spasms of sphincter muscle common in hemorrhoid.

Rubber band ligation

Rubber band ligation is a non-surgical and minimally invasive procedure to take the hemorrhoid under control and make it shrink over time. It is presently one of the most commonly administered hemorrhoid treatment procedure in the United States that involves almost no pain and any complexity. Rubber band ligation is a small elastic band that is bound around the base of the hemorrhoid causing the hemorrhoid to shrink and over time heal the surrounding scars. It takes 6 to 8 weeks of time to complete the whole procedure and can eliminate the hemorrhoid completely without any complexity and involves only mild pain. It is also great procedure to prevent relapse of the hemorrhoid. Only drawback of the treatment is the long time it takes to complete the whole procedure.

Finally, according to the severity and the particular condition of your hemorrhoid a doctor can decide upon the right treatment. Though for general relief, topical and home treatment procedures can deliver quick results.

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