What You Need to Know About Knee Injuries and Ice Therapy Machines

Knee pain can make it difficult to lead your everyday life with the same ease as before. Whether the knee pain is due to injuries or degenerative diseases, surgery can often be the only possible treatment available. Knee pain can also occur due to sports injury or any other type of physical trauma. One common component in treating any kind of knee pain is cold therapy.

Cold therapy is application of ice or cold temperature on injuries to reduce swelling and speed up recovery. One can use ice packs or ice machines for cold therapy. An ice machine for knees has distinct advantage over traditional methods of cold therapy due to the use of advanced technology.

Benefits of Ice Therapy Machines for Knee Pain

Ice machines or cold therapy units are advanced ways of imparting cold therapy over traditional methods using ice packs or frozen pea bags.

Ice therapy machines offer a modern way of utilizing the benefits of cold therapy. With cold therapy machines, you don’t need to worry about dripping water from melting ice packs over your wounds or replenishing ice every now and then.

Use of ice machine for knee can make it possible for patients to use cold therapy for prolonged periods. If the rehabilitation methods are convenient to follow, then chances are that patients will adhere to them for prolonged periods of time. Recovery after knee surgery can be painful and intensive. Efficient cold therapy such as those delivered by ice machines for knees can help ease up the healing and rehabilitation process.

With the help of machines, cold therapy can reach deep inside the knee tissues. Unless cold therapy reaches the injured tendons and ligaments properly, speedy healing is not possible. It is the cold that reduces the swelling on injuries or surgical wounds by restricting supply of blood to the area. As the swelling on the knees begins to subside, it also reduces the pain. Ice packs simply cannot match the healing capacity of cold therapy machines.

If recovery after knee injuries is not perfect, pain in the treatment site can remain for life. The knee joint is made up of a complex structure of bones and muscles. It is surrounded by ligaments, cartilages, tissues, and tendons. If any of these components do not heal properly after a surgery or injury, then it can impede your rehabilitation process. Your recovery can become long and tedious; even often necessitating in the need for a second surgery.

Speedy recovery also means less dependency on pain medication. Excessive use of pain medicines can lead to drug dependency and cause other sorts of health problems. With quick recovery, patients can also begin their physical therapy regime sooner than otherwise possible. With less pain to tolerate due to use of cold therapy, patients can gain movement in knees sooner than expected after surgeries.

Using Ice Therapy Machines on Knees

To receive the maximum benefits from cold therapy, you need to use ice therapy machines made with advanced mechanisms.

The ice therapy machine comes equipped with healing pads that you can wrap around your knees. They can provide cold therapy from above and below the knees. The pads are designed using the patented technology. The ridges in the pads allow for just the right contact with the skin. It helps to prevent injuries to knees due to excessive cold. The uni-flow technology ensures that there is no impediment to your therapy due to less-than-ideal water flow.

When buying an ice machine for knees, ensure that you buy a portable unit which is convenient to use anywhere with the help of an adapter that comes with the machine. Even at home, you can plug in the machine after filling the ice and water in it as mentioned in the instruction manual and start applying cold therapy on knees with ease.