What is Physical Therapy and What Does a Physical Therapist Do?

When people across the world has been increasingly inclined to alternative medicinal ways to get rid of varieties of physical and mental disorders, the holistic approach of physical therapy with no or minimal use of medication or essentiality of surgery has received recognition worldwide. People in search of a physical therapist near me can be benefited in numerous ways.

Benefits of Physical Therapy

 Comprehensive pain management solutions with no/negligible use of medication;

 Enhanced mobility with normal activity life without surgical procedure;

 Recovery from physical disabilities caused by stroke, physical wound like sports injury;

 Prevention from possible falling and trauma with improved movement and physical posture

 Educating you to use supporting devices like can, walker or artificial limb

 Relieve patients from all kinds of chronic pains like arthritis or joint pain

 Physical disorders related to aging

Why Should You Search for a ‘Physical Therapist Near Me’

Operational with requisite medical degree, clinical background, and license, a physical therapist near me, use an array of holistic approach based methodologies including massage therapy, electrotherapy, low intensity exercise therapies, or mechanical force, to help you manage pain, restore movement, and recoup normal life.

What does a Physical Therapist do?

• Examine

Typically, in the foremost session, a physical therapist recognizes your physical disabilities and issues through questioning and assessment of earlier medical reports. With deep knowledge in the area, they often look beyond the paining area in order to find its actual source or root cause.

• Diagnose

For an effective diagnose which is the key to bring positive result, aside from physical examinations, medical findings and other feedbacks, PTs may undergo numerous lab tests like X-rays, MRI findings or CT scan etc. To understand your mobility disorder, they often watch how you stand, bend, walk, grasp, or move.

• Treat

Accordingly, they create a unique rehab program in conjunction with you, which may include a series treatment method with an objective to successfully address the issue and regain mobility. Rehabilitation procedures typically differ among patients based on their individual physical disabilities. During this process, a physical therapist near me can undergo the following rehab procedures.

 Therapeutic exercises

 Heat or cold therapy, massage to ease muscle spasms, warm water therapy

 Ultrasound, TENS or electrical approach based stimulation

 Spinal traction

 Joint mobilization or specialized kneading

 Light or laser therapy

 Posture and balancing therapy

• Evaluate/Prevent/ Advice

In continuation of the treatment course, physical therapists evaluate his/her patient’s progress, and consequently, modify treatment plan with addition of advanced measures to attain the ideal outcome. They teach patients the ways, do’s and don’ts to live without having pain thru restorative movement practices, healthy life pattern and dietetic plan. Those who need support tools like walker, cane, or employ artificial limb, are taught the easy ways to adapt them in their daily living.

The rehab plan varies widely in accordance with the patient’s individual need and problem. In physical therapy, there is no one-size-fits-all type of healing methods and naturally, it needs a ‘physical therapist near me’- to adopt individualized rehabilitation plan to help patients overcome their painful life and get back much wanted mobility.

Major Areas Supported by Physical Therapist Near Me


The area is focused to treat people who have had injuries due to slip and fall, accidents, sports injury or any form of musculoskeletal disorder.

 Arthritis

 Postoperative joint pain/ disorders

 Sports injuries

 Musculoskeletal Injuries

 All ailments, disorders and conditions concerning bones, tissues, ligaments, muscles


Millions of elderly patients who suffer from age-related ailments, disabilities, and disorders can talk to your physical therapist near me to get solutions for

 Joint Pain

 Replacement of Joints

 Osteoarthritis / Osteoporosis

 Spinal cord disorder

 Balance Issues/ Movement issue/ Prevent fall


A ‘physical therapist near me’ can offer you treatment solutions about all sorts of neurological disorders and movement impairments

 Post stroke paralysis/ mobility loss

 Spinal cord disorders/ injuries

 Disabilities caused by Parkinson’s

 Posture and balancing problem

 Mobility