What Are Veneers Information And Advice

If a few imperfections are standing in the way of your perfect smile, you may opt for dental veneers. Veneers are a thin shell of porcelain or composite material placed over your teeth to cover up any imperfections like a broken tooth, chipped tooth, stained tooth, or slightly crooked tooth. It can also be a solution for small gaps between your teeth.

Veneers treatment at McLean can be a convenient and quick way to achieve those pearly whites. However, before you opt for dental veneers McLean, you need to consult with your dentist and decide whether the process is suitable for you.

Also, you need to gather enough facts and about veneers that can help you make a better decision. Let us discuss information and advice about the treatment in more detail.

1. A veneer is a cosmetic solution for your teeth.

Before we discuss anything about this dental process, it is essential to clarify that the treatment is purely cosmetic. You can achieve an improvement in the appearance of your smile, and your teeth may appear healthy.

However, the process has no therapeutic benefits. If you have cavities, gum infections, or other dental issues, you need to get them fixed before getting the veneers.

2. Oral hygiene and care are essential.

Proper dental hygiene is essential for healthier teeth and gum. After you get your veneers, you need to brush your teeth twice a day, as you would brush your natural teeth.

You can also floss the tooths with veneers like other teeth. Using non-abrasive toothpaste with fluoride and gentle brushing can help maintain your dental veneers for a long time.

3. Veneers are not permanent.

Despite the best oral hygiene practices, you will need to replace your dental veneers at some point in time. With good care, porcelain veneers can last up to fifteen years. Composite material is not as strong as porcelain and has a shorter life span.

Veneers are expensive, and it is essential to recognize that you need to replace them after some time. Depending on the type of veneers you chose, your teeth will need some prep before fixing them.

A layer of enamel equal to the thickness of the porcelain shell is removed to make adequate space for veneers. Once scraped, the enamel does not grow back on its own. Hence, a set of veneers is not permanent but opting for them is a permanent decision.

4. Choose expertise over price.

Getting veneers is an expensive option, and you will naturally be drawn towards a clinic offering a heavy discount. However, when it comes to dental veneers, you should select a dentist with a proven track record and expertise over one with a better price.

Veneers are custom-made for your teeth and will require a few visits to the doctor. The process can take hours, depending on the number of teeth getting treated.

It is impossible to provide you with the best solution at a reasonable price for any doctor. However, choosing an inexperienced doctor for a heavy discount can cost you more in the long run. Soon after the treatment, you will release that the veneers are chipping, cracking, or completely pop out.

5. Choosing the right shade is crucial.

Veneers are made from porcelain that replicates the color and translucent appearance of your teeth. While getting your customized veneers, you need to choose your teeth’ natural shade.

Even when the purpose is to achieve whiter teeth, you want them to look as natural as possible. An extra white tooth can pop out in comparison to other teeth. Also, the shade should match your skin tone to avoid an artificial appearance.

These are some of the crucial information which can serve as advice when opting for veneers.

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