What Are the Benefits of Wild American Ginseng?

Wild American ginseng is a medicated herb used for centuries to treat a variety of ailments among people. It is proved through research studies conducted over the years by scientists and medical professionals that wild American ginsengs are very beneficial for the human body in many ways.

Wild American ginseng has been proved to help to regulate glucose levels, fight cancer cells and support the immune system. This peeled ginseng root is either eaten fresh or dried, it is taken as an extract or consumed in the form of a fluid.

There are various benefits associated with the Wild American Ginseng:

It lowers blood pressure levels

The American ginseng can be beneficial for all type- II diabetes patients. The UMMC cites a study where they found that the patients who suffered from Type-II diabetes consumed the wild ginseng before consumption of any high- sugar drink experienced less increase in their blood glucose levels than those who did not consume any ginseng. Studies have also discovered that consumption of American ginseng can boost carbohydrate tolerance among diabetic patients.

It helps to prevent cancer

American ginseng has anti-cancer properties. It helps to inhibit the growth of cancer cells and tumors in the body. One experimental study discovered that American ginseng had extreme anti -cancer effects on the colorectal cancer cells. The chemical named ginesenosides present in the ginsengs can prevent cancers such as gastric cancer, and human breast cancer. It stops the growth of these cancer cells.

It provides neurological benefits

The American ginseng offers many neurological benefits such as it helps to treat attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity disorder, mental and emotional stress, as well as cognitive diseases and conditions. It has also been discovered that consumption of American ginseng can significantly improve memory and cognitive functions among the patients who suffer from the Alzheimer’s disease. It modulates the cerebral electrical activity in the brain which helps to get rid of stress, and fatigue.

It increases energy

Ginseng helps to stimulate physical as well as mental health in people who feel weak. It showed good results in significantly reducing the fatigue symptoms in cancer patients. It is also beneficial for healthy people who want to boost their energy levels. It is beneficial for improving endurance and stamina.

It boosts mood and promotes mental well being

Ginseng creates a relaxed yet an alert state of mind. It has been proved through scientific research that the wild American ginseng provides for the overall well being of an individual, and is especially useful to treat anxiety and depressive disorders.  It works as a brain booster and is also for healthy individuals to improve their memory. The wild American ginsengs also act as an antioxidant which prevents damage to the brain cells.

Ginsengs keep your skin glowing

When the wild American ginsengs are taken raw, it significantly helps to reduce wrinkles and dark lines. It increases blood circulation and keeps your skin clean and clear. It gives you a more youthful younger looking skin.

Ginsengs are helpful to improve sexual life

American ginsengs are said to improve the libido and sexual function in men and women as well. It is very useful to treat erectile dysfunction in men.

It also helps women to get rid of unwanted symptoms of menopause, especially low libido, depression, insomnia, and fatigue.

Helps to regulate glucose levels in Diabetes

Ginseng increases insulin sensitivity which is very useful for Type-I and Type-II diabetes.  It has been proved to significantly lower blood sugar levels in Type-II diabetes.

It protects the pancreas and normalizes the production of insulin to help the Type-I diabetic patients to reduce their blood glucose level.

Boosts the immune system

American ginseng has been popular to increase the number of immune cells in our body. Taking the daily dosage of ginseng helps to increase your immunity level and reduces the risk of catching flu and cold.

Even if you have caught a cold, ginseng will significantly help to reduce its severity and the length of your symptoms.

The ginsengs have a chemical component known as ginsenosides which are responsible for modulating the immune system.

So American ginsengs are indeed the best cure to treat a variety of conditions and its benefits have been proven scientifically. They are considered to be the best ‘herb’ supplement in the world.