What Are Adaptogens & How Can They Help Your Health?

What Are Adaptogens?

From very young, we’re being constantly taught that you only have one body, and it’s up to us to take care of it with exercise and a diet consisting of some very important elements: fiber, citrus, vitamins from vegetables, fruits and legumes, and protein, all of which contribute to the development and health of every facet of your complicated body: tissues, platelets, fluids, and organs alike. Even when we slip up with the occasional sugary snack or saturated pizza, we know in our hearts that a nutritious diet is key to good health. But even that may not be enough for the vitamin- and immunodeficient, who require specially-formulated diets—and the help of Amazon adaptogens—to compensate for some of the shortcomings of their bodies.

No matter what your situation, there is always a good reason to seek out optimum health, and there are always good reasons for even a physically fit, nominally healthy person to take measures to stay at their peak, ensuring wellness, fitness, happiness, and long life. For anyone who is serious about optimum health, there are foods whose nutrition exceeds those of vitamins and minerals. These are called Amazon adaptogens, and they come in many different forms and species.

Amazon adaptogens are essentially herbs and plants that are used to help the body adapt (hence the name) to the bombardment of stressors that the body is subjected to from all sides, all times of the day. Each adaptogen has its own unique properties and benefits, and it can be beneficial in warding off a whole series of illnesses and unpleasantries that we wouldn’t want to have to fight off without help.

What Makes An Adaptogen An Adaptogen?

The diverse collection of plants and herbs that comprise Amazon adaptogens must meet some specific criteria, according to founding scientist, N. Lazarev:

• They must be capable of defending the body from an array of biological, physical, chemical, and mental stressors (termed “non-specific”). Unlike in conventional, or allopathic medicine, where specific drugs are formulated to treat specific symptoms or diseases, adaptogens are multifaceted, and beneficial against pollution and infectious diseases, among many others.

• Adaptogens must be key in promoting homeostasis. Homeostasis is the “state of equilibrium” in the body, where the pH levels are not too high or low, and the temperature is not too high or low, as well as not fighting off maladies like bacteria or viruses, which drain the body for resources. Keeping the body in a state of homeostasis is essential for promoting optimum health.

• Adaptogens must not be an impediment to ordinary human function. Amazon adaptogens must always promote best health, and anything that impedes bodily function does exactly the opposite. Adaptogens must aid in digestion, not hinder it, or aid in respiration rather than restricting it.

Amazon Adaptogens For Optimum Health

Amazon adaptogens can be consumed in almost any way imaginable. Popular methods include as soups or teas, in smoothies, or pressed into capsules. Dosage and time of day will depend entirely on what your ailment is, and that will be determined after an assessment by a specialist in ayurvedic medicine. Once you have been assessed, you will find a great deal of options in Amazon adaptogens to help with an equally great deal of stressors.

For instance, American Ginseng is a plant in the ivy family whose studied benefits include boosting short-term memory, regulating blood sugar levels, promoting alertness and energy, preventing cold and flu, and even promoting sex drive. Similarly notable among the Amazon adaptogens is Amla, which is often used as an alternative anti-inflammatory, an anti-viral, an antioxidant, and as a minor laxative, in some cases.

It is important to note, however, the caveats involved in consuming Amazon adaptogens. Like with more popular medicines, there is always the risk of taking too much, or taking the wrong one for the wrong stressor. It is also important to note that Amazon adaptogens are not panaceas (cure-alls), and assertive measures will still have to be undertaken to promote healthy function, such as proper diet, exercise, and avoidance of unhealthful practices, like sitting around too much, smoking, or excessive consumption of drugs and alcohol. If there is ever any doubt, it is always a good idea to consult your local ayurvedic specialist.

The Best Amazon Adaptogens

Despite their exotic origins to North American consumers, Amazon adaptogens are readily and widely available from many reputable retailers.