Treating External Hemorrhoids without Surgery

Inflammation of the anal veins is the principal cause of hemorrhoids. Naturally addressing this burning sensation or swelling and shrinking the hemorrhoid fast are the first priorities for treatment. The causes of the disorder are related to severe pressure exerted on the pelvic blood vessels and rectal canal. While it affects mostly pregnant women, severe constipation causes this in many people. Though treating hemorrhoid always depends on the severity of the condition, there are many non-surgical methods to treat hemorrhoids effectively.

Lifestyle habits and substance abuse often have a big role to play in causing hemorrhoids. Smoking, consuming too much caffeine and a diet lacking dietary fiber and lack of hydration often in the long run results in hemorrhoids. For shrinking the hemorrhoids in size and ease the bowel movement, you can try a number of home remedies. Below we have mentioned some of them.

  • Using stool softeners
  • Avoiding straining too much during defecation
  • Taking sitz bath several times during day, especially after defecation
  • Always cleaning the area properly with gentle soap and moistened tissue
  • Keeping the area well hydrated by drinking too much water
  • Enhance intake of dietary fiber

Besides these measures, if the pain and discomfort is persistent, it is advisable to consult doctor early before the condition gets aggravated.

Over-the-counter topical relief

There are various over the counter hemorrhoid treatment cream and ointments containing local anesthetic or anti-inflammatory material for soothing the pain. These creams and ointments can also contain natural ingredients with similar topical healing properties. Witch hazel wipes and Aloe vera creams are already widely popular. Administering small ice pack over the anal area for few minutes several times a day can also help reducing pain and swelling to a great extent.

Remember, treating the severe external hemorrhoids with home treatments mentioned above may not always be effective and in that case consulting doctor and taking medication is very important. It is important to take the preventive measures like change of diet, exercise and some change in lifestyle habits besides taking medication to ensure long term results and prevent hemorrhoid from relapsing.

Home treatment

Most of the hemorrhoid symptoms ( get eloped quite dramatically with simple and natural measures. By going through various procedures you can heal the area and ensure comfort.

Consuming more dietary fiber is a good way to regularize your bowel movement and get relief from constipation. Some fiber supplements with adequate intake of fluid can also work great. Fiber besides softening the stools also helps hydrating the rectal canal and thus makes stool easier to pass. By getting relief from constipation, you can reduce pressure on the lower blood vessels around the anus and thus can treat hemorrhoids effectively. Diet rich in fiber like broccoli, beans, wheat, oat, fresh fruits, leafy vegetables and whole-grain foods can offer enough dietary fiber to work as natural laxative and stool softener and can have positive impact on your hemorrhoid condition.

Moderate level of aerobic exercises like brisk walking or jogging for half an hour every day can also be effective to ease the bowel movement and provide relief from constipation.

Some other lifestyle measures include avoiding sitting in one place for too long and avoiding straining too much in the toilet seat to pass the hard stools. When having difficulty in passing the bowel movement, you should better take time and try sometime else after taking some laxatives or drinking few glasses of water. Moreover, when feeling the urge for defecation, without delay get yourself relieved from the bowel movement.

Taking sitz bath

Sitz bath refers to the warm water bath taken to heal the buttocks and hips as while taking this bath, you need to sit in the warm water filled bathtub on your hips. It provides quick relief from itching, irritation, and the spasms of sphincter muscle common in hemorrhoid.

Rubber band ligation

Rubber band ligation is a non-surgical and minimally invasive procedure to take the hemorrhoid under control and make it shrink over time. It is presently one of the most commonly administered hemorrhoid treatment procedure in the United States that involves almost no pain and any complexity. Rubber band ligation is a small elastic band that is bound around the base of the hemorrhoid causing the hemorrhoid to shrink and over time heal the surrounding scars. It takes 6 to 8 weeks of time to complete the whole procedure and can eliminate the hemorrhoid completely without any complexity and involves only mild pain. It is also great procedure to prevent relapse of the hemorrhoid. Only drawback of the treatment is the long time it takes to complete the whole procedure.

Finally, according to the severity and the particular condition of your hemorrhoid a doctor can decide upon the right treatment. Though for general relief, topical and home treatment procedures can deliver quick results.