Things to Remember Before Eye Cataract Surgery

A cataract refers to cloudiness or opaqueness in the eye’s natural lens. As the cloudiness begins to grow, it can affect your vision. As the cataracts develop, you can find it difficult to perform your routine activities such as driving, reading, cooking, and watching television. You can also have difficulty seeing at night or due to bright lights in your field of vision. You can find relief from all these and other cataracts-related problems with eye surgery.

Cataracts surgery is a routine procedure and totally safe when performed by a qualified and experienced eye doctor. Look for a doctor with excellent credentials and experience in performing cataracts surgery. For instance, if you are getting a cataract surgery in Colorado Springs, find a local ophthalmologist with specialized qualifications and experience in all aspects of vision problems and surgical procedures.

Your eye doctor in Colorado Springs will inform you about the preoperative care you need to take. Your doctor will also explain to you what you can expect from the surgery and about the postoperative recovery and care steps you will need to take.

Here are some things you need to remember before your cataract surgery.

  • Immediately after the procedure, it can become difficult to drive as your eyes adjust to the new cataract-free lens. So, it is important that you remember to arrange for a ride home.
  • Until your eyes fully adjust, you can also find it difficult to perform chores or activities around the house. If you live alone, it can be helpful to have someone to be with you for the next few hours after your surgery. You may simply want to rest after your surgery and not require any help around the house. But it is better to have someone with you for safety reasons.
  • Your doctor may ask you to use antibiotics or any other type of eye medicine the night before your surgery. It is vital that you remember to follow this instruction.
  • On the day of your cataracts surgery, your doctor will ask you to not consume any liquid or food for at least six hours before your procedure begins. Remember to eat well 7-8 hours before your surgery (just to be safe) is due to start so that there are no complications and don’t feel hungry Also, refrain from consuming alcohol the day before your surgery or as instructed by your doctor.
  • During your initial consultation about cataracts surgery, your doctor is very likely to ask you about any medicines that you currently use. Certain medicines such as blood thinners can increase the risk of bleeding or injuries during the surgery. Remember to avoid taking any medicine your eye doctor has asked you to not take before your surgery. Due to any pre-existing health condition, you might need to a certain medicine on the day of your surgery. In that case, your doctor may suggest you take these medicines only with a sip of water (if the time of taking the medicine is less than six hours before the surgery). Discuss this with your doctor during your initial consultation itself.
  • Avoid using any perfumed product or eye makeup on the day of the surgery. Any foreign substance, especially chemicals and colors, can increase the chances of infection after the surgery.
  • For your surgery, you may need to spend a few hours in the clinic or the hospital. So, remember to wear comfortable clothing.
  • Try to sleep and rest well the day before your surgery. If you feel stressed about it, take a few deep breaths and try to relax. For your peace of mind, remember to ask any questions you have about your surgery beforehand. A good doctor will be more than happy to answer your questions about the procedure.

Remember that your doctor wants a successful outcome of your cataracts surgery ( as much as you. So, put your mind at ease right before the surgery.

If you are overly concerned about the procedure, you can talk to other people who have had surgeries to alleviate your fears. For example, if know any patients of your eye doctor, you can talk to them and ask about their experience. Also, you can read online reviews about people’s experience of getting a cataract surgery in Colorado Springs to know more about the kind of specialized care available in your city.