Tanning bed Lotions for Skincare and Better Tanning

There are few people who would disagree that golden, beach-bronzed skin makes someone instantly look healthier and more vibrant. However, the association between a sunlit tan and health is ironic, considering how harmful tanning beds can be. But the keyword here is “can.” While tanning with UV rays carries similar significant risks, like fine lines, wrinkles, and skin cancer, there are ways to reduce the harmful side effects, especially when it comes to indoor tanning beds. According to dermatologists, the tanning bed, when coupled with the Best Tanning Bed Lotion 2020, carries virtually no risk of sunburn, unlike naturally tanning through the sun. Keep reading to learn more.

How Do Tanning Beds work?

Tanning beds, also known as sun-beds, use short, intense bursts of UV light, emitted from specially designed bulbs, to help people’s skin achieve a golden, bronzy glow without direct sunlight. A typical tanning bed emits a ratio of 95% UVA rays and 5% UVB rays, the more harmful of the two. However, newer models are constructed with a series of filters to eliminate UVB rays, making tanning via a tanning bed even safer. Tanning beds help the body develop melanin, the skin’s natural pigment (created by special skin cells known as menaloyctes) faster. While everyone has the same number of melaoncytes, not every body produces the same amount of melanin. Using the Best Tanning Bed Lotion in 2020 while tanning can lead to the appearance of more melanin production without having to stay in the tanning bed for longer.

What to Expect

The process of tanning at a tanning salon is quite straightforward. A person books an appointment, either online or over the phone depending on the salon, or walks in. They will be directed to their tanning bed and will change into a bathing suit so as much skin as possible is exposed. Once they are in the tanning bed, where they wear protective eyewear, the bulbs are turned on. The rays from the bulbs, which shine from above and below, penetrate into all parts of the person’s body. The longer someone stays in the tanning bed, the darker their tan will be. Although this is a safe way to achieve a tan, prolonged exposure can cause serious skin problems. Rather than increasing the time spent in a bed, Best Tanning Bed Lotion in 2020 can be used to help increase the richness of a tan.

Safety Tips

Before entering a tanning bed, it is very important that it is checked for dirt or product build-up. Pay specific attention to where the glass meets the edge of the bed as this can often be overlooked. If there is dirt, request a thorough cleaning or a new bed. If the cleaning standards of the salon seem subpar, find a new tanning salon because this can lead to further health risks that the Best Tanning Bed Lotion in 2020 cannot remedy.

Prescription medication can impact the way a person’s skin reacts to tanning beds, some far worse than others. Disclosing this information while booking a tanning appointment is important, but so is doing one’s own research to ensure nothing is overlooked. The same goes for the Best Tanning Bed Lotion in 2020 as everyone’s skin has different sensitives.

Although booking one long tanning appointment is tempting, especially if someone has a tropical trip planned, this can be severely damaging to the skin. Always start off with a low dosage and increase it gradually with each appointment. Using the Best Tanning Bed Lotion in 2020 can help deepen the color of a tan without increasing one’s exposure to UVA rays – even though these are not as harmful as UVB rays, they can still cause damage.

Since facial skin is thinner and burns faster than the rest of the body, some people choose to cover their face with a UV blocking towel. It reduces the chances of skin damage and premature aging. The difference between an untanned face and body can easily be corrected with self-tanner and bronzer. However, there are safe ways to tan facial skin. Exposing facial skin during a tanning bed session during the last few minutes of a session, or using the Best Tanning Bed Lotion in 2020 to boost a tan before covering up with a UV blocking towel. The same can be said for those that wish to tan nude.

Makeup and jewelry should be removed prior to entering at tanning bed. Essential oils and perfumes can also cause skin reactions if worn in a tanning bed. The only product that should be used prior to tanning is the Best Tanning Bed Lotion in 2020.