Pressed Juices for Health and Weight Loss

For some time pressed juices are increasingly being advocated as a health drink for fighting an array of lifestyle disorders including obesity and overweight syndrome. While any juice made up of fresh organic vegetables and fruits have immense benefits on the health and the overall organic process, the process pertaining to juice production is also significantly important to ensure optimum health benefits from juices. Cold pressed juices retain the nutrients better than so called centrifugal juices produced in home grinders and they provide more energy, ensure a clear skin, better removal of toxins and lighter body free of excess body weight. Juicing is not a readymade solution to losing weight and one needs to focus on other aspects like daily caloric intake, physical exercise, etc. But, as far as choosing a juice is concerned, pressed juice always offers a better nutritional choice.

More nutritional benefits in cold pressed juices

Cold pressed or pressed as it is often referred to refer to a juice extraction process. In this process the raw vegetables and fruits are transformed into pulp by a slow revolving blade and then this pulp is wrapped up with a cloth and is hard pressed for extracting juice.  This juicing process because of less exposure to heat and air preserves optimum amount of nutrients, including vitamins, enzymes, minerals and dietary fiber. Besides, providing optimum nutritional value this type of juice also provides a cleaner and crisper taste.

In complete contrast to the pressed juicing process mentioned above, extraction of juice in centrifugal method causes more oxidation through exposure to heat and air, because in this method, the use of high RPM blade creates more heat and exposes the pulp to air. Not only this juice offers much less shelf life, it is also devoid of vital nutrients and dietary fiber. Moreover, this juice is not as tasty and full blown as the pressed ones.

Health benefits of pressed juice at a glance

Just have a quick glance at some of the key health benefits of pressed juice.

•  A pressed juice detox is the perfect way to get rid of toxins in the body.

•  Retains more nutrients and offers a valid source of required calories.

•  These juices always let you consume higher amount and wide variety of vegetables.

•  It strengthens immune system and body’s defensive mechanism.

•  With more minerals and vitamins it is helpful to increase mental alertness.

•  With almost zero carb and fat content these juices easily facilitate weight loss.

•  With lots of enzymes and liver nourishing acidic contents these juices improve digestion.

•  With balanced nutritional elements these juices provide more energy.

•  With lot of antioxidants juices is best anti-aging remedy.

•  Juices having the potential of regulating blood and digestive mechanism fights inflammation better.

How obesity can be fought with different vegetables and fruit juices

Pressed juices made of an array of healthy vegetables and fruits can be the best dieting bet to fight obesity as well. Let us have a look at the nutritional facts of some important juice ingredients that besides being source of nutrients helps you to cut your body weight to a significant level.

Apple used in many pressed juice varieties is literally a powerhouse of vital nutrients like Vitamin A, C, A, B- Complex, Vitamin K and minerals Like Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Sulfur, Thiamin, Niacin, B6, Folate, Manganese, Potassium, etc.  While offering such huge amount of nutrients, Apple juice is extremely helpful in reducing weight as it helps burning the body fat faster.

Green leafy vegetables always have a special place in the juice regime for weight loss. Celery juice besides being helpful to calm central nervous system and boost immunity, also helps feeling fuller for hours and thus it actually let you feel less hungry. Kale leaves are another such nutrient dense veggie option for green juices.  Besides being loaded with antioxidants, almost all vital minerals and vitamins and anti-inflammatory properties juice extracted from Kale leaves make you feel less hungry for hours and this  helps in reducing body weight and fat burning.

All kinds of fruit juices ( heavily laden with citric acids are particularly effective in reducing body weight. Lemons and limes besides being a rich source of Vitamin C and a few other minerals also helps in burning body fat faster through its acidic contents. The huge amount of antioxidants in oranges not only protect us from anti-ageing effects, but it also helps in relieving people from acid reflux syndrome, inflammation and digestive problems. All these disorders are directly related to weight gain and by consuming orange juice, you can better control them. Pineapple juice besides offering acidic contents, minerals and vitamins help in breaking the animal protein and fat better which is responsible for weight gain in many people.