Nine Facts to Know about Scalp Micropigmentation

Nine Facts to Know about Scalp Micropigmentation

1. What is the Approach of Scalp Micropigmentation?

The experience of hair loss, baldness, thinning hair or scarring on the scalp due to an unproductive hair plantation or patchy hair loss or alopecia is extremely frustrating especially for youth or middle aged men and women. Scalp micropigmentation has come up as an advent-grade best hair loss treatment approach which is focused on hair follicle replication method. Appreciably, with effective reproduction of mimic hair follicles over the scalp with pioneering mechanism, color, and expertise, the non-invasive technique can effectively address any kind of hair loss issues stated above.

2. Is it Equivalent to the Standard Head Tattoo?

In no way! Even if, the concept of SMP appears similar to tattooing on the head, but when it comes to technique, mechanisms, and expertise of a practitioner, micropigmentation is much advanced, dependable and resourceful process. SMP uses smaller needles to effectively bed in color pigments into the epidermal upper layer. A tattoo artist used to implant ink in dermal layer which is much lower and not recommended. Factually, it’s the technique and the hands of a technician that counts how competently SMP can help get a 3-D replication of a well-shaven ‘buzz’ cut natural hair. Inks that are SMP needs to be FDA approved that don’t apply for tattooing.

3. How the Pigment Dots are injected?

Ink is introduced with specialized pens focused on stroking and dotting in the second layer of epidermis which can sustain color and not affecting the skin. Only premium grade colors of various shades, textures, and volume are employed that leaves behind small hair follicle like impression with perfect blending of existing hair color.

4. What are the Typical Sizes of the needles?

Depending on the need, technicians can use more than one needle to bring in the exact grain of hair follicle that offers the delusion of original hair mass. In general, top class scalp pigmentation in NJ communities never use more than 1/4th of the needle sizes used by average companies or tattoo people. SMP pens are lightweight, well-balanced, and ideally designed to operate with variable speed. They are global standard scalp inking plungers and never cause scar.

5. How Long the Treatment Continues?

One of the best attributes of scalp micropigmentation in NJ that appear appealing to generation is its fitness to their fast paced lifestyle. SMP is generally completed in 2-3 sessions of 3-4 hours to get the most desired look.

6. Is it Ideal to Address Female Type Baldness?

SMP is especially meant for men baldness. For women mainly suffer from diffused thinning of hair across the scalp that differs from male type, scalp micropigmentation in NJ has been prepared with add to thinning hair approach. This is done based on SMP technique only, however, management of female type baldness needs much care, thorough understanding and superior technique. Equally, women with issues like alopecia or surgery caused scar, can attain the finest class of solution to get rid of their unsightly look.

7. Can Micro Pigmentation Care for People having Varied Hair Color?

Certainly! And that is where scalp micropigmentation in NJ makes it distinct from its counterparts. Regardless of your hair color, be it brown, blonde, black or reddish, experts can amazingly match with your personalized hair color, tone, texture keeping the right parity with your skin tone.

8. Can You Get Caught by Your Coworkers?

The whole objective of SMP is to replicate real look of shaven hair follicles and adding to density lose to offer a fuller look. The impression is so realistic that even a person sitting within 1 ft cannot identify that your hairline is not genuine, unless you tell them.

9. What About the Maintenance?

Virtually nil, although, for first three days you should not wash your scalp or use shampoo. Make sure to avoid any kind of hard work, workout that makes you sweat. If the weather is humid, have your AC on to stay away from sweating. Instead of using shampoo, gentle face cleansing creams from 7th day onward. For a month no direct exposure to USV can help you have long lasting result.