Natural Hair Loss Treatment – Why It’s the Best Alternative?

One of the best things to happen in the field of hair restoration is the advent of natural hair loss treatments. These treatments such as scalp micropigmentation and others offer people with hair loss a safe and effective way to solve their problem.

The Problems with Surgical Hair Loss Treatments

When faced with surgical and natural hair loss treatment options; which one would you rather choose?

When compared with surgical options for hair restoration, natural hair loss treatments are of course safe. Let us see the problems with surgical treatments such as hair transplants.

Surgical risks –

Transplant of hair is one of the most popular surgical options for hair restoration today. But it comes with the risks such as scarring, infections in the follicles, bleeding, and pain.

Hair transplant involves grafting, which means taking a portion of your scalp or several hair follicles and then using them to grow hair elsewhere on the scalp. There are different techniques for hair transplant and they all involve incisions. With incisions, there is need for sutures, glues, bandages, and what not.

There is also a recovery period involved with hair transplant. You need to wait until your scalp is healed to even step out of the house. You also need to practice caution for several weeks with your bathing or grooming routines.

Hair transplant can also result in uneven hair growth. Anyway it takes many months for new hair to even begin growing in the transplant site.

Cost –

Surgeries for hair loss can cost a lot. Even then the results aren’t guaranteed. You may require another surgery to make the hair transplant to actually work for you or get a thicker head of hair. Surgeries don’t treat the underlying cause for the hair loss. So, if you continue to lose hair, you will definitely need another surgery in the future to take care of it.

What about Other Treatments?

There are medicines available for renewed hair growth but they can cause side effects. There is still no guarantee of results. Medicines for hair loss can cause problems with normal sexual function, mood swings, and hormonal imbalances.

Several nonprescription medicines for hair loss can cause an increased rate of heartbeat and scalp irritation. Medicines for hair loss is also not recommended for women who are pregnant or planning their pregnancies.

Some types of light therapies used for hair growth can cause nausea and come with high relapse rates. Some new therapies include injections of plasma to promote hair growth but offer no guaranteed results and are still somewhat invasive.

Lotions and potions may not work and it can take a long time for the new hair growth to appear, if any.

Natural Hair Loss Treatments – Are they any Better?

Not all natural hair loss treatments are effective. But there are some like scalp micropigmentation that offer a permanent solution for hair loss without any side effects. It involves transfer of pigments on the scalp to create an illusionary effect of hair. It is recommended for men who have experienced complete or partial hair loss. So, you can appear to have a head full of hair even when you haven’t addressed the medical reasons for your hair loss.

Another natural hair loss treatment such as hair density involves transferring pigments in the thinning areas of hair on the scalp instead of microdots used in scalp micropigmentation. The result is an illusion of hair on the head where you need new hair growth.

So, you can always have a full head of hair without worrying about uneven growth, infections, scarring, bleeding, hormonal problems (probably on top of already-existing hormonal problems causing hair loss), and pain.

You can try wearing hairpieces but they need to be made really well to appear natural on the head. On the other hand treatments like scalp micropigmentation can produce excellent results. But it needs to be performed by qualified and certified technicians working with reputed hair replication centers. Your provider can plan your treatment based on your expectations and the kind of look you want to create on the scalp.

Treatments like hair density and scalp pigmentation offer natural-looking results, are noninvasive, and involve no side effects.