What to Look for in a Pediatric Medical Clinic

When it comes to health care, some families take the help of a family physician for their young ones, while some others consult a pediatrician. The latter is a doctor who specializes in providing health care and medical aid or treatment to newborn, infants, babies, kids, and children. The doctors can be found practicing as a part of a large hospital, or in smaller pediatric clinics in the locality. These mini-hospitals provide basic and slightly advanced services, for which you may otherwise need to visit a hospital. Picking the right pediatrician in Silver Spring MD or anywhere else for your young one can be a tricky affair, and can end up being a nightmare if you do not go to the right place. So here are some qualities that help you evaluate your choice of pediatric clinic is good enough for your needs.

Appointment services

Some pediatric clinics let you walk into the clinic, while some others ask you to get an appointment before you can consult the doctor. Walk in can often be a tiresome affair, especially if there is a long queue of patients waiting to meet the pediatrician. Appointments make it easier for you to set aside specific time for your child to be examined and treated by the doctor. A good pediatric clinic lets you take appointment, usually by multiple means. This could be over telephone or electronic services. When necessary, or in case of an emergency, they also let you take a same day appointment to meet the doctor.

Medical services

Most visits to a pediatric clinic end with some medicines that are prescribed by the pediatrician. However, there are instances when you need more than just a consultation. Your child needs to be immunized, or an X-ray taken because he/she has a broken bone. A good pediatric clinic offers many such services in addition to consultation with the doctor, so that you do not have to run around to get your little one diagnosed and treated.

After-hour calls

While pediatric clinics function by set timings, there may be instances where you need the help of a doctor or a medical assistant after functional hours. A good clinic evaluates your emergency and puts you in touch with your doctor or a staff who can offer medical advice or aid.

Communication through emails and calls

As a parent, you are worried about a zillion things regarding your child, and always have some question or the other running in your mind. You may need the help of your child’s pediatric in such situations, though it may not necessarily need a personal visit. Such instances could be when you need to know specific information about the dosage of a medicine, or a mild uneasiness that your child displays. A good pediatric clinic offers facilities for such consultation with the doctor through email or call, without either of you being put to trouble.

Electronic medical records and transfers

Medical records and ailment/treatment history of your child, when saved in electronic formats are a lot easier to maintain and retrieve in times of need. There may be instances when you need to take a second opinion on the treatment being administered or a suggested course of action. A file that can be emailed is better and faster than a physical one that needs to be carried to the doctor. Many pediatric clinics today offer this service. Good ones also let you transfer them to other clinics or hospitals when the need arises.

Affiliation with other hospitals

In rare cases the treatment offered by a pediatric clinic may not suffice for the recovery or wellbeing of your child. In such situations, you need to take your little one to a larger set up like a hospital that offers comprehensive care. When clinics are affiliated to such establishments, it makes it easier for you to get referred to the right doctors, and avail timely treatment. Medical histories too can be transferred with ease, and your child can be treated by a trustworthy medical expert or panel. Pediatric clinics maybe affiliated with one or more hospitals. This feature also adds to their reputation and reliability as well.

Accepting insurance plans or policies

Medical and health care services are often a costly affair, and can burn a hole in your pocket if you do not have suitable insurance plans in place. A good pediatric clinic accepts your medical insurance policies for treatment so that you do not have to shell out the extra money to keep your offspring fine and fit.

Look for the above mentioned qualities in any pediatric clinic that you plan to visit, and you can choose the right one with ease.