Indoor Tanning Lotions Provide an Exotic Way to Relax

For those looking for a way to quickly, yet safely, boost their tan, indoor tanning bed lotion can provide effective results and make for a relaxing afternoon – or morning or evening! Whichever time one prefers to tan, they should ensure indoor tanning bed lotion is part of their routine because it promotes the release of melanin, the pigment in skin that is affected by UV rays, beginning the tanning process sooner. Depending on the type of indoor tanning bed lotion someone uses, it can also increase blood flow to the skin, which produces beautiful results in a shorter span of time. However, for a truly relaxing tanning experience, there are best practices for applying and using indoor tanning bed lotion. Even those with a solid base tan can run the risk of burning – which can have long-term impacts on someone’s health.

Always Exfoliate Before a Tanning Session

To see the most results from indoor tanning bed lotion, and to avoid a messy tan, it’s best to exfoliate before, not after, a tanning session. Not only does this remove dead skin cells, but it also gets rid of environmental pollutants and natural oils that accumulate over time. What all of this does is create a dull barrier that prevents an indoor tanning bed from penetrating fully. It also prevents indoor tanning bed lotion from adhering to the skin.

But just like it’s important to research the best indoor tanning bed lotion for one’s skin type, it’s also important to do the same for exfoliants because they can range from gentle to abrasive. For those with sensitive, thin, or soft skin, choose natural ingredients like sugar or sea salt. However, if someone has skin that is often quite dry and itchy, they may want to exfoliate to properly prime their skin for indoor tanning bed lotion. Finally, for those with skin prone to acne, exfoliants with salicylic acid can help reduce bumps and blemishes for a flawless tan.

It’s best to take care of this step the night before. While it may be tempting to skip this step, especially for those in a hurry, prepping for a tan can be quite relaxing—especially since most indoor tanning bed lotion contains hydrating ingredients to help the skin absorb more UV rays.

Here are a few pro tips:

Pay extra attention to areas of the body that are usually rougher, like ankles, knees, and elbows. These areas are often overlooked and can ruin the overall look of a tan. For a smooth, bronzed finish from head to toe, spend some extra time on this step! Finish off a shower or bath with a cold-water rinse to close pores and fully prepare the skin for your indoor tanning bed lotion.

Shave Away Coarse Hairs

Forgetting to shave before a tan can leave skin looking blotchy, with fine dots everywhere. Stray hairs also impact the indoor tanning bed lotion’s ability to spread evenly, which can also ruin the overall quality of a tan. Before exfoliating, everyone should use a fresh razor to shave away any coarse hairs in areas where they intend to tan. This will ensure they’re left with glowing, bronzed skin.

Apply a Post-Tan Lotion and Tan Extender

After tanning with indoor tanning bed lotion, it’s best to apply moisturizer and a tan extender to help prolong a fresh glow. This combo also works to prevent skin from drying out and peeling, much like a natural tan from the sun might do. Day 1 and 2 skin care after a tan should include moisturizing in the morning and evening, and onward, a tan extender should be included. For those that are still not as dark as they’d hope to be, tinted moisturizer can help “top off” a tan, just as long as it matches the shade.

Tips for a Relaxing Indoor Tan

Aside from applying indoor tanning bed lotion, there are a number of ways to make an indoor tan even more relaxing and enjoyable. These include:

– Tanning Googles: Indoor tanning beds can cause damage to the eyes because of the intense UV exposure they generate. To avoid serious, permanent damage to the eyelid, retina, and pupil, wear tanning googles while inside a tanning bed. This will ensure a relaxing and safe experience.

– Protective SPF Lip Balm: Lips and ears are often forgotten when it comes to preparing to be in the sun or a tanning bed. Protect your lips, which don’t have as much melanin as the rest of the body, from drying out, cracking, and chapping with SPF lip balm.