How to Treat and Get Rid of External Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids which are also called as piles is a chronic and painful problem for millions of people all over the globe. The cluster of swollen veins around the anus or inside the anal canal is referred as hemorrhoids. They can be extremely painful causing recurring pain to the sufferer. Common symptoms of the disorder include swelling, pain, bleeding with stool, severe constipation and problem in bowel movement and itching around the anus. Mostly so called over the counter ointments people take for a immediate relief from the pain, they are often less than satisfactory in curbing the problem or reducing the pain.

There are basically two distinct types of hemorrhoids, respectively as internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoids occur inside the anal canal or in the lower rectum and external hemorrhoids are seen to develop under the skin surrounding the area of anus. External hemorrhoids are more painful and make severe uncomfortable condition as it is located under the skin causing irritation and eroding. For treating external hemorrhoids there are basically two different approaches, namely natural remedies comprising lifestyle measures, non surgical hemorrhoid treatment, and clinical procedures comprising hemorrhoid removal surgery, clinical banding, scalping, etc. While both types of remedies are effective depending on the condition, one must get the hemorrhoid checked by the doctor as soon as the symptoms manifest.

Natural remedies

Some natural topical remedies and lifestyle measures can just work wonder in treating external hemorrhoids. Let us offer here some of these measures.

Fiber rich diet:

Hemorrhoids have a close relation with constipation and discomfort in bowel movement. Prolonged sitting and pressure to make the bowel movement aggravates the swelling vein condition. So, just reversing this discomfort and by facilitating easy bowel movement one can get much relief from hemorrhoids. To treat the chronic constipation and make bowel movement easier consuming fiber rich diet along with good amount of fluid is a must.

Physical exercise:

Physical exercise not only makes your digestive mechanism function better and provides relief from constipation, but it also nourishes the swollen veins by easing the blood circulation to a great extent.

Establishing a regular bowel habit:

People generally suffer from constipation because of their untimely and irregular bowel habit and this in turn causes hemorrhoids. Scheduling bowel movement at a regular hour of the day can actually provide better relief and make them less vulnerable to problem like hemorrhoids. While preventing constipation is a way to stay clear of hemorrhoids, even for the sufferer this can help treating the pain early.

Taking sitz bath:

Sitz bath can prove to be a comforting remedy for swollen hemorrhoids. Just by sitting over the warm water in the bathtub you can take this healing bath. The warm water thus gives massage to the buttocks and hips and facilitates better blood circulation.

Seek topical relief

There is an array of over-the-counter topical hemorrhoid creams that offers quick relief to the pain and swelling. Containing local anesthetic solution these creams can provide relief for some time.

Clinical procedures

Some external hemorrhoids continues to be the source of chronic pain and discomfort in spite of applying all sorts of topical medication and incorporating lifestyle changes to ease out the bowel movement. For this type of developed hemorrhoids conservative natural remedies alone cannot provide relief and they need to undergo certain clinical procedures. There is an array of minimally invasive treatments that can control hemorrhoids without surgery or any painful therapy.

Banding the hemorrhoid:

A rubber band ligation around the base of the hemorrhoid can be placed. Thus it causes the hemorrhoid to shrink in size while the tissues around it get healed gradually. This simple and effective treatment with the use of a rubber band is very popular considering the fact that it involves no pain and quiet assured betterment over a period of time. There is little to zero side effects caused by this procedure.

Hemorrhoidectomy or hemorrhoid surgery:

Let us be clear on one simple truth. Anyone having a protruding and large hemorrhoid that is causing extreme pain and serious threat to regular life of the sufferer may ultimately be removed through surgical procedure. This type of surgery is basically done by making a narrow incision around the external hemorrhoid ( tissue and then by removing the problematic area of the blood vessels. This type surgical procedure has a great success rate involving least complication and almost painless surgery. General or local anesthesia often proves enough for such surgeries and the patients can just return home the same day.


Stapling is basically an alternative to traditional hemorrhoid surgery. It is particularly useful to treat bleeding hemorrhoids. A stapling device is used in this procedure to fix the hemorrhoid in their usual position. The procedure is quick, painless and devoid of any complication or major risk for the patient.