Here Is What You Need to Know About Vaping As a Beginner

The vaping industry is facing upheavals with unprecedented vaping regulations such as the Premarket Tobacco Application. While raining updates and confusion, pause and get acquainted with the information you need to know as a vaping beginner.

What Is Vaping?

Vaping, as we know, is the act of inhaling vapor that is produced either by an electronic cigarette

(e-cigarette) or by other vaping devices.

E-cigarettes are electronic (battery-powered) smoking devices. They come with liquid-filled cartridges, which contain nicotine, flavoring substances, and other chemicals. Since a person inhales vapor produced by the heated liquid, the act or process is referred to as vaping.

How Did Vaping Come Into Being?

Contrary to popular belief, vaping is not a recent invention. The quest for coming up with inventive ways to get a nicotine high has been ongoing for nearly a thousand years. However, the pace of inventions picked up only 220 years ago, when doctors began seeing the harmful effects of smoking.
Soon, smoking became immoral, offensive, and a carrier of incurable diseases. While the earliest designs of an electric vaporizer were presented around 1927, the Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik invented the e-cigarette, as we know today, in 2003.1 Having lost his father, a smoker, to lung cancer, Lik was driven to invent a new device that used vapor to simulate cigarette smoke.

For a long time (until 2016), the e-cigarette industry was largely unregulated at the federal level. In 2016, the industry saw unfair vaping regulations.

Now that you’ve acquainted yourself with the introduction and history of vaping, let’s understand some finer details.

What Is a Vaping Device?

A vaping device, essentially, consists of three components a battery, an atomizer, and an e-liquid. The battery is the source of energy that powers the atomizer, and the atomizer performs the key function of heating the e-liquid to form vapor.

Vaping devices have seen an evolution in designs. From the earliest to the latest, there are four categories of vape devices.2


An entry-level vaping device, also known as an e-cigarette. It is similar in appearance and size to a real cigarette since the purpose of the design was to closely mimic the smoking experience. They come in two types, disposable (with pre-filled e-liquids) and refillable.

Vape Pens

They are larger in appearance than e-cigarettes, therefore, are less portable. They are user-friendly vaping devices; hence, often considered perfect for beginners. They offer superlative cloud production, flavor intensity, and efficient nicotine delivery.

Vape mods

They are the latest version of vape devices. They offer high performance, options to personalize one’s vaping experience, and long battery life. They are not ideal for beginners since one needs to dedicate more time in learning how to use the device seamlessly.

What Are the Factors That Influence Your Vaping Experience?

Vape Juice

Also known as e-juice, e-liquid, or vapor liquid, it is the fluid, when heated by the atomizer, that turns to vapor. It is essentially made up of varying concentrations of vegetable glycerin (VG) or propylene glycol (PG). Ninety percent composition of vape juice is VG or PG, the remaining 10% is composed of flavorings and nicotine. VG or PG serves as a medium for the evaporation process and helps distribute the flavor and nicotine.

Cloud Production

Clouds, which are the huge rings or plumes of smoke, are the most recognized aspect of vaping. Aesthetics aside, the bigger the cloud, the larger is the hit from the e-liquid. Such is the craze of cloud production that it has given rise to a global cloud chasing community.

Nicotine Delivery

An e-liquid with high nicotine strength, along with decreased coil resistance and increased battery power ensures optimized nicotine delivery.
In essence, vaping is very different from smoking. With differing processes (burning v/s vaporizing) vaping also feels different, tastes different, and uniquely hits one’s throat. Most often than not, the vapor-liquid also contains nicotine, which is an addictive chemical.

With this know-how of vaping and its basics, get acquainted with the new vaping regulations that could result in 99% of the vaping industry getting erased overnight.