Here are Some Valid Reasons to See a Dentist Now

Most people visit their dentist only when they have some form of trouble with their teeth or gums. However, visiting your dentist regularly for a routine checkup is a good practice that keeps not only your oral health in good shape but that of your body as well. Here are some reasons why you should visit your dentist in Northern Virginia regularly.

  • Remove plaque, tartar, and cavities

Even when you brush twice a day, floss every day, and rinse regularly after meals, it is likely that the hard-to-reach areas of your teeth and mouth remain untouched. These causes build up of plaque and tartar, which over time develops into cavities. A routine cleaning visit to your Northern Virginia dentist helps you get rid of such build up easily. This, in turn, saves your teeth from the need for filling or root canal treatment owing to irreversible damage to teeth. Also, a cleaning appointment is more affordable than a filling or root canal treatment, so you definitely do not want to miss a routine one.

  • Treat and prevent gum disease

Plaque and tartar that accumulate inside your mouth affect not just your teeth but also your gums. They cause erosion of gum tissues, resulting in an infection, which causes the hum to pull away from the tooth. This condition, known as gingivitis, which when left untreated also causes the bone holding the teeth to break down. Regular checkup and cleaning help identify and address gingivitis when it first develops. This helps it from aggravating into a serious condition that needs surgical intervention or complete extraction of the tooth.

  • Detect oral cancer

Cancer in the mouth is an extremely serious condition that manifests itself in myriads of ways. When not diagnosed on time, this cancer can be debilitating and life-threatening. However, a dentist can help you detect oral cancer early and refer you to a suitable medical practitioner for treatment. A regular dental checkup the time when your dentist checks your mouth for signs and symptoms of oral cancer. A routine checkup every six months helps him/her identify the signs on time so that with suitable treatment, you can resume your normal life. This examination typically is done using a VELscope, which is non-invasive, pain-free, and hardly time-consuming.

  • Check for under-the-surface problems with X-ray

During a routine visit to your dentist in Northern Virginia, the doctor examines not just the surface of your teeth and gums, but also what’s inside, using an X-ray. This allows him/her to identify trouble that may be brewing inside without being visible to the naked eye. Some problems that can be identified in this manner include impacted teeth (as typically seen with wisdom teeth), bone decay, cysts, swelling, and tumors, etc. Timely diagnosis with X-rays can help keep these problems under check and eliminate trouble before they flare up.

  • Treat cosmetic problems

Cosmetic dentistry is as important as general dentistry, but for different reasons. In additions to aesthetics benefits, cosmetic dentistry also helps address issues with misaligned teeth that affect biting, chewing, and speaking. It also tackles problems of stained or discolored teeth, which could be due to lifestyle habits or other health issues. A routine visit to your dentist can point you in the direction of a cosmetic dentist as and when a problem develops.

  • Assess the impact of other medical issues

Living with diabetes, eating disorders, and cardiovascular diseases pose a risk not just to general health but also to oral health. Such conditions can worsen cavities or gum diseases or make you more susceptible to develop them. Regular check-ups with your dentist help assess any risk that such diseases pose to your oral health and lets you seek preventive care in a timely manner.

  • For a safe pregnancy

Oral problems tend to aggravate during pregnancy. Vice versa, poor oral health affects pregnancy adversely resulting in low birth weight and premature delivery. Visiting your dentist routinely for checkups during the nine months is a good practice that not only keeps oral health in good shape but also protects you and your baby from unwanted complications arising due to poor oral hygiene. In short, a routine dental examination ensures good oral health and keeps you healthy and happy.