Hair Transplantation- The New Cycle of Hair Growth!

Hair loss is a common problem among all men and women. It is not age-specific. It can occur at any age due to various factors. These include poor diet, emotional trauma, and hormonal changes in puberty, pregnancy or menopause. Many health conditions such as anemia, iron deficiency, and thyroid disorders too can lead to hair loss. It can also be due to the side effect of some medications. Hair loss can sometimes lead to bald patches on the scalp.

Medications can regrow minor hair loss, and bald patches, but big areas of baldness need to be treated with an advanced procedure of hair transplantation to get a solution for this embarrassing problem. Hair replacement in NJ will provide permanent Hair transplantation is not only a scientific procedure but a highly skilled art which needs great experience as well as technical skills. It is very important to choose a highly skilled and experienced doctor for this procedure. A minor problem during the procedure can lead to disastrous results.

Hair transplantation is mainly of two kinds

1. Follicular unit Extraction

2. Follicular Unit hair transplant

Who can go for hair transplant?

Well… any one can go for hair transplant. It is a risk free procedure to get the solution to your permanent hair loss and baldness issues.

However, it is recommended that hair transplant is only undertaken after 30 years of age. This is because it is difficult to know the hair loss and baldness pattern and its extent in the future. The transplanted hair may grow thickly and remaining may keep falling at some age. If there is progressive baldness in older age, going through a hair transplant at very young age is not recommended.

The best way to treat hair loss at young age is to consult a highly skilled and efficient doctor to get prescribed medicines and lotions for treatment.

Some of the best medications provided for hair loss in young children, men and women are:

1. Monoxide – This tropical over-the –counter medication is prescribed in different strengths depending on the amount of hair loss and baldness. It is available in 2%, ness. It is available in 2%, 4%, and an extra strength 5% solution. These help to regrow little hair.

2. Finasteride – This FDA approved medication is available only for men to reduce hair loss by blocking the action of the normal hormones in the hair follicles. But there are various side effects to this medication. It may reduce sexual libido in men, and cause impotence in severe cases.

3. Prostaglandin Analogs – These are a new group of medications which is undergoing testing for potential hair growth. Further studies and testing is required to assess the efficiency of this product. This product is used in the market currently to enhance eyelashes.

Can we prevent hair loss?

Hair-loss prevention can be attained by following a good hair care regime. Good nutrition, regular shampoo of the hair can help reduce hair loss. Treatment of underlying medical conditions like thyroid, anemia etc. can also be helpful to prevent hair loss.