Five Reasons to See the Pediatrician for Your Baby or Toddler

The growing-up phase is when your child undergoes the most changes; it is also the time when he or she is more susceptible to injuries and infections that warrant a Pediatrician’s expert care. From birth to adulthood, children undergo a myriad of physiological and psychological changes until they reach a point of maturity at which society deems them, adults. Until that change takes place, children of various ages need various forms of medical attention. As a local in search of a good doctor for your child, find among the Jacksonville pediatricians one who understands the fragile nature of young babies and toddlers and provides gentle care with acuity to ensure their wellbeing.

Here are five reasons to take your child to the Pediatrician

1. Treatment

The immune system of children under 5 years is vulnerable to many common ailments like the common cold and fever. No matter how proactive you are, they’ll still get sick once in a while. While mild cold symptoms like a runny nose may seem negligible, they most often escalate into burning fevers.

For babies and toddlers, medicines like antibiotics, analgesics, and fever reducers are prescribed by the Doctor according to their age or weight. Hence, the previous prescription your child received for the same symptoms does not work adequately the next time. When making a selection amongst the Jacksonville Pediatricians, filter the search down to the doctor who has a good reputation amongst the parent community for their adept skills in both treatment and follow-up care.

Allergies to food and pollen are common among toddlers, which, if left unattended, might trigger reactions that could cause severe consequences. At the earliest sign of an allergic trigger, it is imperative that you take your little one to the Pediatrician.

Infections like conjunctivitis and ear infections are common in babies and toddlers; nonetheless, if allowed to exacerbate could lead to severe damage to the affected organs.

2. Accidents

Kids are always prone to accidents as a result of their exuberant nature. The severity of the accident could be as minor as a flesh wound to something as more serious like burns or fractured bones to other critical injuries. Injuries caused by mishaps need an expert’s medical attention to mitigate the pain and offer prompt treatment.

Choking on broken toy pieces or food chunks or consuming inedible items like pills or chemicals could cause minor discomfort to severe repercussions. If you find yourself panicking during one of those moments, immediately make a move to take your little one to the Pediatrician who can give you informed guidance on how to approach or treat the issue.

3. Periodical Well checks

Your newborn’s physical, emotional, and psychological growth must be gauged regularly as they grow up, against established parameters to identify if the baby is meeting all the mandatory milestones. All the veteran Jacksonville Pediatricians recommend annual physical examinations of babies to track their development and identity symptoms of any anomalies or maladies before they worsen.

Annual consultation with a Pediatrician will also help measure the mental capability or behavioral anomalies of the child in accordance with their age standards. Speech delays, or flaws like stammering, if present, will be also be detected early on by the Pediatrician, who will recommend therapy or other remedial methods to help the child.

4. Immunization

Baby immunization is a matter of profound influence on the entirety of a child’s growth, maturing, and adult life. The Pediatrician will see to it that the baby’s vaccinations are promptly administered per the immunization schedule devised by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

5. Food and Nutrition

A common concern that plagues all parents worldwide is that of their toddler’s picky eating habits. Their stubborn rejection of healthy food ensues a burning worry in your mind regarding the quality and nutritional value of the food they eat. Over the course of a consultation, the Jacksonville Pediatricians offer pragmatic solutions in the form of substitute sources that can be incorporated into the child’s daily nutrition plan to create a healthy diet plan for them.