Drinking the Best Tequilas Could Help You Lose Weight, Says a Recent Study

One of the most common woes of a night of drinking is the excessive amount of calories that a person consumes within the space of a few drinks. Weight management and drinking are never two activities that ever go hand-in-hand. The caloric count in most alcoholic beverages is astounding.  It only takes a few cocktails or drinks to far exceed what is considered a healthy standard for daily intake. Combine this with artificial sweeteners, dyes, and other chemicals, and a night at a party or function can be disastrous on your body, mind, and weight loss program—unless you are drinking the best tequilas.

For those wishing to lose weight without sacrifice, there is good news.  Studies have shown that drinking the best tequilas can actually help with weight loss. While it sounds too good to be true, this is one theory that actually holds some amazing scientific backing.

The truth about tequila

The best tequilas are made from the agave plant. The agave plant produces a type of sugar called agavins. This non-digestible sugar is very different from (and should not be confused with) agave syrup.  Agavins cannot be digested. They also hold the same attributes as ingesting additional fiber.  Fiber is known to aid in your digestive processes, increasing their function. Proper digestion is key to a successful and long-term weight loss program. In addition to this, since agavins cannot be absorbed, they do not raise your blood glucose levels. In fact they do the opposite; they have been shown to reduce your blood glucose levels. Reduced glucose levels aid in weight loss in people suffering from obesity. Agavins have been proven to increase insulin levels once consumed.  This important finding is being used in diabetic research for aiding those who are medically insulin dependent.

Agavins have also been proven to induce the hormone called GLP-1. This hormone keeps your stomach feeling full longer, which results in eating less. There is a reduced feeling of needing to eat, therefore causing you to eat less in both amounts and frequency. This, in turn aids in weight and diet management, which is why those who are trying to lose weight should be looking into the weight loss benefits of the best tequilas.

Is there a down side? 

There are no known side effects to agavins, which are naturally produced in Agave plants. This is not to be confused with or forgotten when consuming tequila, which contains a host of effects on its own when not used in moderation.  Agavins are not found in manufactured syrups, including corn or agave syrup. Additives to tequila, however, will remove the benefits of this natural sugar. While the sugar itself will still be there, any chemicals added to the tequila will far overpower the benefits of the agavins—so not just any tequila will aid your weight loss attempts; only the best tequilas on the market, made with fewer additives and purer agave, will do.

The key to success is literally in your tequila

Look for the best tequilas—those that are made from 100% pure blue agave. This is the most natural form of tequila. If you cannot find blue agave, then pure agave is your second-best option.  Additives and preservatives do not hold these same weight loss benefits and will contribute to spikes in blood sugar and other effects. Stay away from tequilas that contain additional ingredients. It is also important to note that mixing your tequila into other beverages will no longer have the same health benefits. Mixes contain, sugars, dyes, and other chemicals that not only increase your spikes in glucose levels, but they will also contribute tremendously to your next day hangover. The best tequilas, on its own, when properly distilled, do not have negative attributes and will not leave you with a hangover.

Of course, as with anything, moderation is key. Any amount of anything in excess will have undesirable effects on both your body and mind. However, this science is proven with pure tequilas. In addition to simply being a great beverage, this Mexican alcohol can benefit you as well. Can it be used as a regular weight loss diet program? Absolutely not. The benefits are great for those consuming it, but it is not recommended to go on a tequila diet for weight loss management. Proper weight loss will come from routine diet and exercise. However, the next time you are at a function or party and are considering your beverage options, tequila is a great choice. With its smooth taste and fascinating history, this drink also provides positive benefits for your body, removing the guilt for those who are trying to manage their weight.