Coronavirus – Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment

The outbreak of coronavirus in China took over the world in no time. Looking at its rate of spread beyond the geographical boundaries, the worry that we are experiencing right now is understandable. The situation is so pitiable that we cannot even take care of our dear ones, god forbid if they had been infected. The cost of corona treatment is varying steeply in both private and government hospitals. Besides, the worry that what shall be the procedure for treating coronavirus, how to know if it is covid-19 and how long would it take to recover and get back to normal life is daunting.

Considering all these fears and apprehensions, the experts at Coronavirus testing Utah are sharing their experiences with us. Let’s move on to know more about coronavirus, its symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment.

What is coronavirus?

Coronavirus or covid-19 virus lives in the animal’s bodies and spread to humans from animals in exceptional cases, and then spreads rapidly from human to human. Humanity has witnessed other forms of harmful viruses similar to coronaviruses such as MERS and SARS.

What are the symptoms of coronavirus?

Coronavirus displays differing symptoms in different individuals. In some individuals, it may take 2 days for the symptoms to be out, while in some it may show themselves after 14 days. In general, the symptoms of coronavirus include:

• Cold, running, and fluffy nose
• Intense headache
• Slight to severe fever
• Nausea and vomiting
• Loss of taste and smell
• Unable to breathe / shortness of breath
• Chills and shaking for no reason

The symptoms of coronavirus depend on the immunity level of the individual. They look closer to the common cold and flu. In people with weaker immunity, the symptoms can be severe.

How is coronavirus diagnosed?

Coronavirus is diagnosed with the help of special kits called rapid testing kits. Health care workers help you to get through the test. Usually, swabs from the nose and inside of the mouth are required for the diagnosis. The turnaround time can be anywhere between 1-2 days. If you are a caretaker of the covid-19 patient, doctors would conduct a special test that delivers the results in minutes. However, this test has many false positives and is not to be considered as a complement to the actual coronavirus rapid test.

It is also important that you get tested on the original testing kits at authorized diagnostic centers. Many fraudulent activities related to coronavirus testing has come to the notice of authorities.

What is the treatment for coronavirus?

Coronavirus treatment is offered under expert medical supervision. Infected individuals should not consume any medication without a doctor’s advice. Doctors suggest that intake of warm fluids, and staying calm and relaxed will help coronavirus vanish on its own from one’s body. However, if the symptoms are too severe and beyond tolerable limits, one should approach medical help without any delay.

Some people consume chloroquine without doctors’ suggestion. However, it can be harmful and not at all suggested by Coronavirus testing Utah doctors.

What should you do when diagnosed positive?

Stay away from your dear ones, and go into self-isolation. Spend your time focusing on relaxing activities including reading books, doing yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, and painting, etc. Wash your hands every often with a sanitizer of at least 60% alcohol or soap and water. Use a separate toilet for yourself and instruct your family members not to use it till you test negative. Do not forget to wear a mask all the time. East fresh and hot food avoiding chilled and frozen foods and stale food. Sanitize all the places that you touch and use every few hours. Maintain enough ventilation in your room.

In a nutshell,

• Coronavirus symptoms are close to flu and the common cold, sometimes resembling pneumonia in patients with less immunity.

• With the help of rapid testing kits and under authorized medical help, one can diagnose if they are positive of coronavirus.

• Taking rest in self-isolation helps prevent the spread of infection to your family members. Take medical guidance if the symptoms are beyond bearable levels.

Coronavirus is curable and sometimes vanishes on its own from the human body. All that you should be aware of is how to manage the condition with good lifestyle practices and staying calm and composed.