Benefits of Using Distilled Water for Preparing Baby Formula

In the developing years of infants, parents must make a wise selection of the type of water they should use to prepare baby formula. Tap water is safe to consume in most parts of the United States. However, municipalities add certain minerals such as fluorine in it that makes it unsuitable for preparing baby formula. While fluoride is beneficial for adults in some ways, it may cause serious dental problems such as Dental Fluorosis in infants.

Well water might contain impurities and spring water is also not a preferable option for babies as it contains many minerals that may cause an imbalance of nutrients in them. Bottled water is a safer alternative than the above types of water. Some types of bottled water contain fluoride that may cause neurological as well as dental problems in infants.

The best form of water that a baby should consume is distilled water as it offers the following benefits to babies:

Creates a nutrient balance:

Distilled water is the purest and safest form of water for babies. Distilled water does not contain minerals and nutrients. Since baby formula, rice or oatmeal are diets rich in minerals and nutrients, the consumption of distilled water maintains a nutrient balance in babies. Distilled water is also free from fluoride which can cause dental fluorosis in babies.

Saves babies for water-borne diseases:

Distilled water for babies prevents them from diseases propagated by water. Often tap water contains contaminants due to old and dirty lead pipes and inner plumbing. Well water is also not recommended for babies as they are not properly tested and contains dirt from the surrounding areas.

Such types of water can carry water-borne diseases which may cause severe health hazards to babies. The process of distillation kills the bacteria and viruses that carry water-borne diseases.

Absence of chemicals and contaminants:

Municipalities and local water bodies add chemicals such as chlorine and chloramine to the municipal water to make it safe and healthy. Such chemicals are added to kill the bacteria and sterilize the water.

However, such chemicals are not so good for babies and may cause certain health issues. Distilled water is free from such chemicals which makes it healthy and safe for babies.

Eliminates acidic contents from the body:

The molecular structure of pure distilled water makes it mildly alkaline. The combination of two hydrogens and one oxygen in pure distilled water has an unequal concentration of electrons. This makes the water little alkaline in nature despite being tested acidic. This little imbalance in charge attracts acidic contents and wastes in the body of the baby which excretes out from the system.

Promotes growth and development:

Babies are in the development phase of their life. So, parents and caregivers should be cautious of the water they are feeding their babies. Tap water often contains minerals and chemicals which renders it unusable for babies.

Bottled water holds contaminants in the form of pharmaceuticals, hormones, and microplastics. So, it is not ideally suitable for babies. If we use bottled water, we should better boil it and decontaminate the bottle too. An undeveloped, permeable blood-brain barrier allows the flow of harmful chemicals in the brain of the baby causing neurological diseases like learning disabilities and low IQ.

The immune system of babies is in their developing stage. Distilled mixes with the formula giving the baby a balanced and healthy diet which further improves their immunity.

Healthier than bottled and tap water:

Distilled water is healthier and cleaner than bottled water and tap water. Though bottled water is monitored and controlled by the Environment Protection Agency (EPA), they still have impurities and contaminants which pose serious health risks.

The chemicals in tap water are regulated under the Food Administration and Drugs (FDA), but they are far more impure than distilled water, especially if they are given to babies. Distilled water is the purest form of water that goes through the intense process of condensation. Hence, it is more hygienic than tap and bottled water.


Distilled water for babies is the healthiest option for any parent or caregiver. However, distilled water has no taste and lacks minerals and nutrients. Since the formula itself is rich in minerals, feeding distilled water can cause an electrolyte imbalance when the minerals flush out in excess urine.