Benefits of Using a Pediatrician for Your Child

Pediatricians are doctors who specialize in treating kids from infancy to adolescence. All parents, of course, want the best for their children. But first-time parents may not be sure whether they should see a pediatrician or the family doctor for their child’s care. To make your decision, it can be helpful for you to know the many benefits of having a pediatrician for your child.

Excellent Routine Medical Care

Pediatricians are trained to take excellent care of children even for routine medical care. Infants and toddlers are prone to infections and need to see their doctors more frequently than older children. Kids of all ages also need to see their doctor for annual routine checkups. These well-child visits or scheduled visits are important for preventive medical care, immunizations, and to track a child’s development milestones. These visits are important to diagnose health concerns early on and to also take measures if a child experiences delayed growth.

Vision or hearing impairments often remain undiagnosed without proper medical care. Pediatricians are able to spot these problems during routine exams and help avoid complications related to these health concerns.

Routine checkups involve physical examinations. They also include an assessment of physical, mental, and emotional milestones. These visits are also useful if you have any questions to ask the doctor about your child’s health or growth milestones.

Specialized Care

Pediatricians train for years in diagnosing and treating illnesses and diseases related to children. They are more trained in providing medical care than doctors treating adults in case of congenital defects and in identifying delayed growth in children. Pediatricians can also identify and treat injuries, infections, genetic problems, organ diseases, cancer, hormonal conditions, and more.

Certain medical conditions can affect a child’s physical and mental growth. Pediatricians can help parents manage these problems for the child’s optimal development. Children can have behavioral problems, development disorders, and suffer from mental conditions. Your pediatrician can identify signs of these grave problems early on and recommend treatment options.

Pediatricians can refer other specialists in case your child needs one for expert treatment of a serious disease. They can also guide you to the right diet for your child at all ages. For pre-term babies, pediatricians can offer better care than any other specialist.

Familiarity and Comfort Level

Pediatricians are at ease working with children. Kids may not provide all the information about their health concerns to a doctor if they do not feel comfortable. Pediatricians are familiar with such problems and know ways to handle such issues. Pediatricians are also the only doctors who need to diagnose patients based on symptoms alone. Infants and toddlers who haven’t learnt to speak can’t tell the doctor what ails them or how a symptom is affecting them.

Pediatricians take care of all health needs of kids. So, your child will be familiar with the doctor and will be comfortable with all the prodding required for physical checkups.

Pediatricians also require the right dose of patience to deal with kids. Children can be moody and may not wish to cooperate with the doctor or parents during regular or specialized visits. Pediatricians can also counsel adolescents on safe sex practices, eating disorders, birth control etc. Children may not feel comfortable discussing these things with a doctor who is a stranger to them. Pediatricians in many cases act as your older child’s counselor and help them with the right guidance on important matters related to teen growth cycle.

The Bottom Line

The best pediatricians are those who provide specialized care for each of their patients even if it is for routine checkups. So, always take your time to find the best pediatricians in your local area. For instance, ask for referrals from friends, family, or your OB/GYN for a pediatrician in Silver Spring MD if you live in and around this area.

When you can find the doctor who is the best match for your child’s needs in terms of comfort level and specialized care (if any), then you can reap full benefits of having a pediatrician as a medical expert.