Benefits of Non-Surgical Nose Job

Non surgical nose job in NYC is rising in popularity with women and men alike. Studies have shown there is a significant increase in the demand for this treatment in the past few years. Previous year 29% increase in demand for this treatment reported as per data released by a private clinic. Women use this cosmetic procedure most because even a minute imperfection bothers them a lot.

So what are the benefits of a non-surgical nose job and why should you choose non-surgical nose job over rhinoplasty? Today we will look at it.   

1. No side effects

One of the key reasons why non-surgical nose job emerged as the leading aesthetic treatment for reshaping nose is it is a safe procedure. There are many women who want to have the perfect nose but do not want surgery. They don’t want serious implications of surgery. Non-surgical nose job is non-invasive, risk-free procedure. Unlike rhinoplasty (surgical nose job), it does have any major side effects. In this procedure, dermal fillers made of substances similar to hyaluronic acid are used which naturally occurs in our body. So, there is no risk of side effect due to the substance used in the treatment. However, there might be some minor side effects such as bruising, swelling and redness due to the injection use in the treatment which disappears after a few hours.

2. Quick and painless procedure

When your doctor says the word surgery, immediately all the fear of going through hours-long, painful surgery comes into your mind. Fortunately, non-surgical rhinoplasty is a painless and super quick procedure. Unlike rhinoplasty, you don’t have to prepare for the procedure and then wait for weeks to return to routine activity. It is a pain-free treatment. Your doctor will apply the numbing cream on the nose before injecting the dermal fillers. You might feel a tingling sensation during the treatment.   

3. Guaranteed results  

Another key benefit of opting for a non surgical nose job in NYC over surgical rhinoplasty is this treatment gives your guaranteed results. In surgical rhinoplasty, there is no guarantee that you will achieve the desired shape of the nose. Many women who had earlier gone through surgical rhinoplasty used non-surgical nose job to achieve the desired shape of the nose.

4. Can be reversed

As discussed above, results of surgical rhinoplasty are not always perfect. So if you do not like the results after the procedure, you can’t reverse it. Results of surgical rhinoplasty are not reversible. Once you have gone through surgery, you cannot redo it. You have to go through another surgery to reshape the nose. However, the results of a non-surgical nose job are reversible. If you do not like the final results, you can remove the dermal fillers. Isn’t it great?

5. Less downtime          

It is the major perk of the non-surgical nose job. You don’t have to wait for weeks to get back to a normal routine. This treatment has less downtime and requires minimal post-treatment care. On the other hand, without any doubt, surgeries are painful. You might be able to escape the pain during the treatment but what about bearing the pain following treatment? And, the post-treatment care required reducing the side effects of symptoms and getting back to normal life. Hence, nose surgical nose job in NYC is a great option especially for working women who do not have time for surgery.

6. Inexpensive

Last but not least; non-surgical nose job is less expensive treatment than surgical rhinoplasty. The cost of non-surgical nose job varies from individual to individual. It is priced as per syringe. So depending on the syringes used, cost of treatment varies. However, it is less expensive than surgery. Results of non-surgical nose job last for six to 12 months.

So these are the key benefits of non-surgical nose job which makes it one of the most popular aesthetic treatments in NYC.

Are you ready for your first non surgical nose job in NYC?