Baby Bottle for Newborns – What You Need to Know

best baby bottles for newborns

New parenthood is a roller coaster ride of joy, anxiety, laughter, and tears. Many parents plan months in advance about all the care they will take for their newborn; however, when the bundle of joy steps into their house, it brings new challenges; ones they did not even prepare for. Add to those challenges, the eternal juggling between household responsibilities, work, and taking out time for themselves. Amidst so many challenges, it is only natural for flaws to creep in.

In terms of baby care, even the slightest of missteps can invite a barrage of issues. Improper mixing of baby food is one such misstep.

New parents must have seen other parents rigorously shaking the baby bottle to mix the milk with the cereals. Many blindly adopt this technique as the accepted, normal technique and repeat it. However, this very harmless-looking technique can make your baby gassy and colic. Read on to know how.

Manually shaking the baby bottle introduces a countless amount of air bubbles in the bottle. One can even see the air bubbles at the rim of the liquid. When the baby swallows these many air bubbles, it becomes gassy and irritable. Add to that the endless time spent in burping the baby to expel the gas.

That’s right; the seemingly innocent act of shaking your baby’s bottle for mixing can cause gas in the baby. Many times the accumulated gas causes the baby to become colic. Colic is the term used for the incessant loud crying of the baby. It differs from normal crying such that it is more prolonged and louder (to the point of wailing).

The simple solution to avoid these gigantic problems is purchasing the best baby bottles for newborns. The best baby bottle for your newborn is an anti-colic baby bottle maker. Simply put, the best baby bottle maker has a mixer attached at the bottom and a flow-controlled nipple at the top. The attached mixer ensures thorough uniform blending of the breast milk or formula milk with the cereal. It completely sidesteps the need to manually shake the bottle for mixing. With that out of the way, the unnecessary air bubbles are also eliminated. The flow-controlled nipple ensures that your baby is consuming the food at the right speed and does not end up overeating, which as we know causes an irritable stomach.

Essentially, the best baby bottle for newborns will rid your baby of crankiness and gassiness.

What’s more, with the gassiness taken care of, you have eliminated one cause for colic too. That explains why the best bottle for newborns is also referred to as an anti-colic baby bottle maker.

While purchasing the best baby bottles for newborns, do pay attention to the chemicals used in the manufacture of the bottles. Particularly, lookout for the chemical bisphenol A (BPA). The chemical is used to harden plastics, prevent bacteria from causing contaminations, and prevent cans from rusting. However, studies have pointed at the negative health impacts from exposure to BPA. The use of phthalates and PVC in the manufacture of baby bottles has also been a cause of concern for parents.

Opt for the best baby bottles for newborns, those that are recommended by doctors. Purchase only certified BPA, PVC, and phthalate-free baby bottles, ensuring your bundle of joy is protected from the harmful effects of these additives.
In summation, a baby bottle is much more than a simple bottle. In ways you could not even think of, baby bottles are the means to your newborn’s well-being and happiness. Do not compromise on the basic necessity of your baby. Purchase the best baby bottles for newborns. Look out for anti-colic baby bottles with breast-like silicone nipples. Enjoy the benefits of 60% reduced air bubbles and foaming. Additionally, make sure that the baby bottles for your newborns are BPA, PVC, and phthalate-free certified.

Get one step closer to your baby’s smile; opt for the best baby bottles for newborns.