Are Kybella Results Permanent?

The fact is that even a person with a slimmer body profile can have submental fat (fat under the chin). Chin fat can be due to reasons such as excess body fat but also genetics. People who have inherited the body’s predisposition for submental fat can have a really difficult time reducing it through diet or exercise. Irrespective of the reason for your body storing fat under the chin, Kybella offers a unique solution to remedy the problem.

Here is more about Kybella and if this treatment offers long-lasting results.

About Kybella Treatment

Kybella is a non-surgical and safe treatment for reducing chin fat. The FDA approved its use in 2015. It is administered as a series of injections over the course of a few weeks. The number of injections per treatment and the total number of sessions depends on a person’s unique needs. Some providers also offer Kybella treatment for other areas of the body.

Kybella treatment includes injections of deoxycholic acid, which is also found in the body naturally. For this reason, Kybella is considered a safe treatment. The function of deoxycholic acid is to process the fat in the body. During the digestion process, deoxycholic acid helps the body to break down fat obtained from the consumed food. When injected under the chin, deoxycholic acid destroys the fat cells in the area. With time, the chin area thus becomes thinner.

Some amount of redness and swelling is normal after Kybella sessions. But these side effects reduce within a few days. When administered properly, Kybella can be the perfect treatment for reducing chin fat without surgery.

To minimize the side effects and for effective treatment, it is, therefore, essential to seek Kybella treatment from licensed medical professionals only. For instance, if you want Kybella in NYC then look for a clinic or a provider (doctors, RNs) with the right qualifications and the experience in offering the treatment.

The Efficacy of Kybella Treatment

The results of Kybella can be long-lasting. When a fat cell is destroyed, it is gone for good. Due to the work of the deoxycholic acid, fat cells in the treatment area are destroyed permanently. The fat in the destroyed cells leaves the body via the natural elimination processes.

It is true that new fat cells can appear. But if you maintain your ideal body weight after Kybella treatment, you can expect to enjoy the results from it for a long time to come.

The treatment approach goes something like this –

Your provider will examine your chin area to determine the course of the treatment. Your provider may also ask you about your lifestyle, dietary habits, and medical history.

During your initial consultation for Kybella, it is important to reveal your medical history to your provider clearly. For instance, if you take vitamin supplements, blood-thinning pills, or medicines for pain relief then your provider needs to know about it. The same is applicable for your smoking habit. In case you take the above-mentioned medicines or smoke, you will need to abstain from them for a few weeks before and after your surgery. Such precautionary measures are important to take for the successful outcomes of cosmetic treatments. If you are pregnant or nursing, let your provider know about it before you sign up for the treatment.

Your provider will then ascertain the number of sessions you might need. The actual number can change based on the results of each session.

Each session consists of a number of injections in the chin area. Your provider will mark the points for injections for really precise results. Your provider will also apply a numbing agent on the treatment site to minimize the pain from the injections. The acid works slowly over a few days and weeks to break down fat and show results. It can be different for individuals. Your provider will schedule each session at least a few weeks apart.

The bottom line – When administered properly, Kybella results can be really remarkable and permanent. But it is important that you follow the care instruction that your provider recommends posting each treatment session. It is also imperative that only a qualified professional performs the treatment for you.